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MMN bump
Small update
Add some tests for the reflector module.

It uses an output filter chain with either nothing or DEFLATE only.

    • ?
Add a note in ThreadsPerChild about the relationship with ThreadsLimit.

+ add a missing link

Use the default location to display a default value
Use the default location to display a default value

(+ some minor style issues)

Fix an example (/foo vs /foo/bar)

Synch with trunk and improve alignment in examples.

comment change... no functional

better struct layout ...
optimize struct layout
update field comment
Fix an example (/foo vs /foo/bar)

Synch with 2.4.x and imporve syntax highlight

Update updated field at the start of the check rather than at the end.

Re: [Bug 62318] healthcheck





unexplained perl hangs

When a rewrite to proxy is configured in the server config, a check is made to make sure mod_proxy is active. But the same is not done if a rewrite to proxy is configured in an .htaccess file.

Basically this patch is the block of code from hook_uri2file that does the proxy check, copied to hook_fixup.

Patch provided by Michael Streeter [mstreeter1], slightly modified to use a new APLOGNO

PR 56264

add to status while I test

forgot to add vote

Vote and promote
Only run OCSP test for >= 2.4.26.

Folow-up to r1805098.

ProxyAddHeaders is only available since 2.3.10 (see, as spotted by opensuse testing team (>.

Folow-up to r1829914.

lbmethod=heartbeat is only available since 2.3.0 (see, as reported by pgajdos <pgajdos>.

make a failure a little more clear

propose fix for 2.4.34 regression

Folow-up to r1829008.

Alias, Redirect and ScriptAlias in LocationMatch are supported only since 2.4.19 (see, as reported by pgajdos <pgajdos>.

While at it, reorder to way the number of tests is computed to match the order the tests are performed to ease the understanding.

One of these tests depends on !WINFU.

add as failing showstopper for .next (2.4.35)