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Changeset 1837834 is being indexed.

Follow up to r1837822: typo.
ap_request_core_filter() can check whether the next filter should yield.

Itself won't yield at this point (its f->bb is empty).

core: ap_filter_output_pending() to flush outer most filters first.

Since previous output filters may use ap_filter_should_yield() to determine

whether they should send more data (e.g. ap_request_core_filter), we need

to flush pending data from the core output filter first, and so on up the


Otherwise we may enter an infinite loop where ap_request_core_filter() does

nothing on ap_filter_output_pending() called from MPM event.

Remove backported items from trunk/CHANGES

needed on my macos system

needed on my macos system.

Patch PR 62567. Fix by Michal Karm Babacek <michal.babacek>


quick fix

Merge r1836469, r1836154 from trunk:

* config.layout: Allow configure --localstatedir to over-ride /var/www

location in Fedora layout.

* (install-suexec*): Fix make -jN install.

Submitted by: Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <arekm>

Submitted by: jorton

Reviewed by: jorton, covener, jim


vote on some backports

Propose a few monitoring improvements.

mod_status: Cumulate CPU time of exited child

processes in the "cu" and "cs" values.

Add CPU time of the parent process to the

"c" and "s" values.

mod_status: Add cumulated response duration time

in milliseconds.

mod_status: Complete the data shown for async

MPMs in "auto" mode. Added number of processes,

number of stopping processes and number

of busy and idle workers.

mod_proxy: Improve the balancer member data shown

in mod_status when "ProxyStatus" is "On":

add "busy" count and show byte counts in auto

mode always in units of kilobytes.


Follow up to r1833368 and r1837435: update APLOGNO.

mod_ssl: OpenSSL now initializes fully through APR, use that.

Follow up to r1833368 and r1833452.

Fix comment in mod_lua and docs.


See PR 62359

(r1837404 on trunk)

Note: .c file is patch without any vote because it is only a comment in order to be consistent with the doc and the code, and mod_lua is marked as experimental.

Fix comment in mod_lua and docs.


See PR 62359

Save a few cycles.

There is no need to check the first bytes, they are known to be "bytes ".

update backport prop

Bump mmn for worker_share struct update

update after backport

On the 2.4.x branch:

backport of r1837357 from trunk.

*) mod_md: When the last domain name from an MD is moved to another one,

that now empty MD gets moved to the store archive. PR 62572.