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Changeset 1831179 is being indexed.

update transformations.
update for sync with English docs.

Translated by: Nilgün Belma Bugüner <nilgun>

Reviewed by: Orhan Berent <berent>


Add next-number bump missed in r1831173.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c (ssl_init_server_certs): Add error

logno. Free EVP_PKEY in engine case. Never try reading ECDH/DH

parameters from engine ids.

fix bld break in r1831165

I had to disable -Werror in maintainer mode for this file in darwin :/

style fix for r1831165

mod_ssl: Add support for loading TLS certificates through the PKCS#11


* modules/ssl/ssl_util.c (modssl_is_engine_id): Renamed

from modssl_is_engine_key.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_config.c (ssl_cmd_SSLCertificateKeyFile):

Adjust accordingly.

(ssl_cmd_SSLCertificateFile): Also allow ENGINE cert ids.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_pphrase.c (modssl_load_engine_keypair):

Rename from modssl_load_engine_key; load certificate if

cert id is passed.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c (ssl_init_server_certs): Optionally

load the certificate from the engine as well.

* docs/manual/: Update manual.

mod_ldap: log and abort locking errors.

related to PR60296 investigation

RMM corruption is really nasty, so abort on locking failures.


XML update.


XML update.

Save a few cycles.

Use apr_pstrmemdup instead of apr_pstrndup when possible.

Save a few cycles and simlify code.

Use apr_pstrmemdup instead of apr_pstrndup when possible.

Avoid scanning the first 2 bytes when looking for the | delimiter. it is known to be "${".

Avoid comma separated statements, it is not that usual.

Simplify the ssl_asn1_table API, remove abstraction (it is used only

to cache serialized EVP_PKEYs not any char * blobs), and document.

* modules/ssl/ssl_util.c (ssl_asn1_table_set): Take the EVP_PKEY and

serialize internally. Use ap_realloc. Return the ssl_asn1_t *

pointer. Don't call apr_hash_set() for unchanged pointer case.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_pphrase.c (ssl_load_encrypted_pkey):

Adjust for the above.

* modules/ssl/ssl_private.h: Adjust as above, add docs.

* modules/ssl/ssl_util_ssl.c (modssl_read_privatekey): Remove unused

second argument.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_pphrase.c (ssl_load_encrypted_pkey): Adjust


* modules/ssl/ssl_util_ssl.c, modules/ssl/ssl_util_ssl.h:

Remove modssl_read_encrypted_pkey() and helpers, added in r1804087

but never used.

Use <var> for variables in directive syntax everywhere for



* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_pphrase.c (ssl_load_encrypted_pkey):

Simplify code, no functional change.

mod_ssl: Add support for loading private keys from ENGINEs. Support

for PKCS#11 URIs only, and PIN entry is not threaded through

SSLPassPhraseDialog config yet.

* modules/ssl/ssl_util.c (modssl_is_engine_key): New function.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_config.c (ssl_cmd_SSLCertificateKeyFile):

Use it, skip check for file existence for engine keys.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_pphrase.c (modssl_load_engine_pkey):

New function.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c (ssl_init_server_certs):

For engine keys, load via modssl_load_engine_pkey.

Submitted by: Anderson Sasaki <ansasaki>, jorton

* modules/ssl: Add some missing logno tags.

mod_slomem_shm: Handle a generation number when the slotmem size changes.

Modifying the number of proxy balancers or balancer members on restart

could have prevented the server to load, notably on Windows. PR 62308.

The generation number integrated in the SHM filename allows to create a

new/resized SHM while the previous is still in use by previous generation

gracefully shutting down (Windows prevents SHM/file to be removed in this

case, but even on Unix(es) an unlinked file might not be re-openable while

an inode exists). The generation number is added/incremented only if the

size requirement changed, such that unrelated restarts continue to share

SHMs between generations.

The cleanup handling is also simplified because both the parent process and

the Windows child process need to cleanup everything on exit. This translates

to cleanup_slotmem() being always registered but in the dry load state

(AP_SQ_MS_CREATE_PRE_CONFIG), for both cases still.

[Reverted by r1831868]

* build/ Clean more variables from installed

* modules/md/config2.m4: Only export "md_module" symbol

for a DSO build.

mod_proxy_html: Fix variable interpolation and memory allocation failure in ProxyHTMLURLMap.

Proposed by: Ewald Dieterich <ewald>

Reviewed by: ylavic