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update transformation

Merge r1802040, r1807876, r1808014, r1805490, r1823886 from trunk:

mod_proxy_fcgi: Add the support for mod_proxy's

flushpackets and flushwait params

This change was requested on the development mailing

list in order to fill another gap between mod_fcgi

and mod_proxy_fcgi, namely the -flush funtionality.

The more evolved core trunk code would not need this

feature becuse of the non-blocking writes, but it

is be needed in 2.4.x.

mod_proxy_fcgi: limit the flush buckets inserted when flushpackets=on|auto

This commit is a follow up of r1802040 based on Jacob's

feedback, namely inserting the FLUSH buckets only when

really needed and useful, not always.

mod_proxy_fcgi: follow up to r1807876.

Fix mixed declarations and code [-Wdeclaration-after-statement].

Fix a compilation warning introduced by r1802040.

mod_proxy_fcgi.c:893:19: warning: ‘flushpoll’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]

This warning is a false positive.

mod_proxy_fcgi: prioritize the check for mayflush when using flushpackets

The mayflush variable should be checked before the rest

to avoid polling when not needed.

Suggested by Yann Ylavic on the dev@ mailing list.

Submitted by: elukey, ylavic, jailletc36, elukey

Reviewed by: elukey, jim, ylavic

Vote, promote.
Documentation rebuild
mod_proxy_html: s/<b>/<strong> to please validate-xml

Improve mod_proxy_html docs: add topic sections for customisation and i18n

problems that generate user and bugzilla questions.

reverse the description to reflect the default behavior

reverse the order so the default is listed first.

emphasize the meaning of this doc for UseCanonicalPhysicalPort
Merge r1825169 from trunk:

Propose backportable fix to accept libxml2 path in the

base form or the absolute path to include tree form.

Nowhere does the --with-libxml2= arg suggest the path

is that of the include tree, and disagrees with httpd's

use of --with- syntax for package location.

Submitted by: wrowe

Reviewed by: wrowe, ylavic, jim

backport promote

backport vote

Merge r1825147 from trunk:

* modules/lua/config.m4: Use liblua paths from pkg-config if


Reviewed by: wrowe, ylavic, jorton

Backport r1825504; fix missing util_debug.c omitted from CMakeLists.txt
Fix missing util_debug.c omitted from CMakeLists.txt
Backport r1825467.

Fix the version number in the docs to match the real release.

Fix the version number in the docs to match the real release.

complete the mod_proxy_uwsgi build

add apreq in Win32

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rpm: Add the ctlogconfig.8 man page to the build.

rpm: Add mod_mpm_motorz to the build.

rpm: Add mod_syslog to the build.

rpm: Add mod_socache_redis to the build.

rpm: Add build for mod_ssl_ct.

Add the ctlogconfig man page to the docs build.

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Backport r1825370:

rpm: Add mod_proxy_uwsgi to the RPM package.

rpm: Add mod_proxy_uwsgi to the RPM package.