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Suggest ways to install on common platforms
LDAP cache fix

10 years after r567503 , fix this properly.

The lock is created in post_config, so we can't copy it

around in a merge_server_config() callback.

Backport votes... not promoting those with 3 in case we

decide to do another T&R for 2.4.31 to correct some

process flaws/inconsistencies

And any changes will be in 2.4.31

Fluff from 2.4.30 tagging...

Fix description of SSLProxyMachineCertificatePath to match the


Post 2.4.30 tag updates
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Tag 2.4.30
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add to windows build

add to windows build

Missing word.

reverting current backport proposal for SSLPolicy
Save a few cycles.
backport r1821581 fixes to mod_remoteip.dsp

core: Create a conn_config_t structure to hold an extendable core config rather

than consuming the whole pointer with the connection socket.

Update proposal.

Wire through the log message number.

apr-util v1.6 has been released.

Update proposal with fix for rpluem/jorton.

Make sure ACL API support in mod_dav is not dependent on the presence

or absence of apr-util v1.6. Log a message to note that ACL support

is disabled with apr-util <= 1.5.


Update comment.

More comment.


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XML updates.