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Changeset 1811178 is being indexed.

add missing transformations

fix properties

make docs.
Follow up to r1810358: add html files.
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Follow up to r1810605.

Update docs' BNF, provide a short description of the new %{::} syntax and

a few examples. To be continued..

New expr's join/split format.
Follow up to rr1810605 and r1811104.

Generated parser files.

ap_expr: follow up to r1810605.

The "split" and "join" operators are now a prefix, ala perl.

Add the "sub" operator for string substitutions, prefix still.

On the trunk:

mod_md: v0.9.9, fix for applying challenge type based on available ports.

ap_expr: follow up to r1810605.

Better token/type descriptors for better parsing error messages.

Axe backported entries.
Note that this seems clang specific

Also affects official clang 5 (maybe older ones too...)

httpdunit: include .h to avoid code duplication.

Follow up to r1804123 r1809633.

Silence "-Wunknown-pragmas" on GCC...

apr_expr: follow up to r1810605.

Not necessarily ASCII here..

%{: :} available in 2.5 only for now.
First tests for new expr syntax (r1810605).
ap_expr: open string expressions to the <word>.

Introduces the syntax "%{:<word>:}", borrowed from the <var>'s one, and which

likewise can be embedded anywhere in a string expression (the same reserved

character ':' gets reused in an unambiguous manner).

This allows the two types of expressions (boolean and string) to now share

fully the same language set, namely: strings, lists, vars, regexes, backrefs,

functions with multiple or complex arguments, and especially combinations


Most of them were reserved to boolean expressions only, while complex string

constructions can also benefit to, well, strings. The <word> construct allows

that (say the syntax "%{:<word>:}" looks like a temporary variable constructed

in a string).

Since string expressions may now have to deal with lists (arrays), they also

need a way to produce/extract strings from list and vice versa. This can be

done with the new "join" and "split" operators, while the new substitution

regexes (like "s/<pattern>/<substitute>/<flags>") may be used to manipulate

strings in place. All this of course available for both string and boolean


Tests and doc updates upcoming..

Expat, like PCRE before, is aquired and built independently as of apr 1.6

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Note show-stopper: --enable-maintainer-mode is broken w/ Xcode 9

Get maintainer-mode working again w/ clang-900

More C90 stuff...

Final comment-format changes

And standard format - no functional change

C changes / C90/C89

Userland change