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Changeset 1803229 is being indexed.

CSS: apply dd paragraph margins to dd tables

This indents the vulnerability page tables appropriately.

several small improvements to security page markup

primarily whitespace fixes

wrap data/affected versions in a table to differentiate

Submitted by: Hank Ibell

Committed by: covener

Clarify some mod_proxy concepts in the docs

I have recently got some basic mod-proxy concepts

and these simple info would have helped me a lot:

- connection pooling == reuse. My brain did not pick

up this simple nomenclature at first read for some

reason, probably because we have parameters called

"*reuse*" and not "*pooling*". I find the term

"reuse" clearer than "pooling", but this is

debatable :)

- the concept of "Worker" needs to be read before

the ProxyPass section (that people probably read

directly after checking a search engine) to fully

understand its power.

- the fact that a worker is related to a single process

(and not shared as a Balancer) is a really important

concept that I tried to highlight when talking

about maxconns (question popped up a lot of times

from users).

Hope that my understanding is correct, feedback is welcome.

copy markup fix from r1803119 to 2.2 entry

Clean up odd nesting effects observed in Chrome

Clean up odd nesting effects observed in Chrome
Touch to force regen of html
Generate A-name tag for CVE entries, follow sp-slash-gt pattern for output html
event: Avoid possible blocking in the listener thread when shutting down

connections. PR 60956.

start_lingering_close_nonblocking() now puts connections in defer_linger_chain

which is emptied by any worker thread (all atomically) after its usual work,

hence any possibly blocking flush and lingering close run outside the listener.

The listener may create a dedicated worker if it fills defer_linger_chain or

while it's not empty, calling push2worker with a NULL cs.

The state machine in process_socket() is slighly modified to be able to enter

with CONN_STATE_LINGER directly w/o clogging_input_filters to interfer.

New abort_socket_nonblocking() allows to reset connections when nonblocking is

required and we can't do much about the connection anymore, nor we want the

system to linger on its own after close().

Many thanks to Stefan Priebe for his heavy testing on many event's changes!

Clarify 2.2.33 that wasn't.
extended warning catch

Make sure updatelbstatus() is NULL


XML updates.


XML updates.

core, mpm_event: Add ap_update_sb_handle() to avoid a small memory leak of

sizeof(ap_sb_handle_t) when re-entering event's process_socket().

Update navigation links to https

PR: 61324

mpm_event: ap_queue_info_try_get_idler() may atomically decrement and then

re-increment the number idlers if it went under or to zero. We can avoid

this by switching to a compare-and-swap scheme.

Withdraw my mod_proxy_fcgi backport proposal

There has been some discussion over IRC about

possible performance issues with the current

code in certain scenarios (like a simple echo

FCGI backend that returns data as it comes in).

Jacob is working on a different solution, waiting

for his feedback before proceeding any further.

Propose syslog backport re: PR 60525

reserve 10036

update xforms

update xforms

Merge r1802336 from trunk:

UDS does support reuse

Reviewed by: jim

UDS does support reuse

Agreement between example and explanation
Easy proposal.
ap_server_config_defines and ap_server_{pre,post}_read_config are arrays of

*const* strings (must not change after being inserted), make it explicit.

Be explicit and safe (const) with the strings stored in ap_server_config_defines.

Follow up to r1713043.

Fix overriding ExtendedStatus to "off" with mod_systemd loaded, and

give more feedback to systemd during a reload.

* modules/arch/unix/mod_systemd.c (systemd_pre_config): New

function; tell systemd the service is reloading here.

(systemd_pre_mpm): Don't set ap_extended_status here, do nothing

if ExtendedStatus is off.

(register_hooks): Register pre_config hook.