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Changeset 1801635 is being indexed.

mpm_winnt: Make the shutdown faster by avoiding unnecessary Sleep()'s

when shutting down the worker threads.

Previously, the shutdown code was posting an amount of I/O completion

packets equal to the amount of the threads blocked on the I/O completion

port. Then it would Sleep() until all these threads "acknowledge" the

completion packets by decrementing the global amount of blocked threads.

A better way would be to send the number of IOCP_SHUTDOWN completion

packets equal to the total amount of threads and immediately proceed to

the next step. There is no need to block until the threads actually receive

the completion, as the shutdown process includes a separate step that waits

until the threads exit, and the new approach avoids an unnecessary delay.

Split another entry that has long been missing from the website for 2.2
Cleaner split of 2.4 from 2.2 in vulnerability table, tie 2.2 to .34 release
Announce 2.2.34, close a chapter
Fix release date
note URL describing PROXY

clarify and typo fixes

prep for site refresh

Propose fix for PR 61142

Add logic to read the Upgrade header and use it in the response.

Use we you are proxying to a server that has multiple upgrade on the same IP/Port.

PR 61142

Point to 2.4.28-dev version of patch
not yet in 2.4.x

add comment

Simple TCPv4 binary protocol test

possible CPAN lib to help make this easier


Start of binary...

Add in TCP6 test as well...

mpm_winnt: Following up on r1801144, use the new accept_filter_e enum

values in a couple of missed places in winnt_accept().

explain the test and what we expect and why we expect it

Add support for initial PROXY protocol support testing

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  1. /test/framework/trunk/t/htdocs/modules/remoteip

mpm_winnt: Fix typo in the logged message in winnt_get_connection().

mpm_winnt: Refactor the mpm_get_completion_context() function so that it

would return a proper apr_status_t instead of yielding the result via the

*timeout out variable.

This makes the calling side easier to follow by avoiding an additional

layer of if's.

mpm_winnt: Remove an unnecessary retry after receiving a non-timeout failure

from the mpm_get_completion_context() function.

Currently, the only possible reasons why mpm_get_completion_context() could

fail are real errors such as being unable to WaitForSingleObject(), allocate

memory or create an event. Retrying under such circumstances doesn't make

sense, and could be as well considered harmful.

mpm_winnt: Factor out a helper function to parse the type of an accept

filter and use an appropriate enum for it.

This makes the code in winnt_accept() a bit easier to follow. As a minor

side effect, it also fixes a small bug where the "unrecognized AcceptFilter

'%s'" log entry would always contain "none" instead of the actually

unrecognized kind of the accept filter.

mpm_winnt: Don't forget to close the I/O completion port as part of the

cleanup in the child process.

Ensure docs follow suit
2.2.35-dev is most likely in our attic, but bump for disambiguation.