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Changeset 1800206 is being indexed.

Vote, promote.
Vote, promote.
Vote, promote.
Actually this was a vote for 1800111, not the revised patch
Vote, promote.

Added 2.2.x convenience patch.

Updates to files referencing new Spanish translation of mod_allowmethods r1800183
Added Spanish translation for manual/mod/
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Vote, promote.
Propose Yann's alternative
Restore single-char field names inadvertantly disallowed in 2.4.25.

PR: 61220

Submitted by: ylavic

Revert 1800111 for a cleaner logic flow proposed by Yann
Test that we read the content correctly as well for unix domain socket tests
fix error message
Useful condition-wait subr via Perl eval. Used in

more than 1 place.

Ignore any possible php.ini files at this time...

* Silence compiler warning
* Vote
* Vote
Appears to resolve the issue to permit single-char fieldnames; PR61220
prevent inf loops...

I think i've rediscovered this three times

501 NOT IMPLEMENTED is a fine response to 'get'. 400 only for an invalid token
Introduce tests for X: value single-char header, split tests between the

least-restrictive old parsing and behaviors of http_unsafe from retesting

all under the new http_strict mode.

In this, discovered that registered method checking was case insensitive.

That's foolish.

Make standalone test...

bye bye

Not really required to pull this out

whitespace fix

rework some items... Simplyfy runner and avoid potential

race condition.

Since we can specify the PID file directly, do it.