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Changeset 1799630 is being indexed.

CVE-2017-7659: add regression test
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Fixed wrong revision number references in translations with original mod_alias.xml
Added updates to files referencing new Spanish translation of mod_alias r1799605
Added Spanish translation for manual/mod/mod_alias.xml
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Remove a dead link (/docs/STATUS)

Remove a link to an EOL branch (2.0)

Add some links to APR & APR-Util 1.6.

Add release date for 2.4.26

OK... we display ms, since we want to be able to provide

values for <1sec, so entries should assume ms input when

using bal-mgr

allow balancer-manager to also accept subsecond intervals

Fixed a small typo (double if) in r1799475
Fixed a small statement about the result of Redirect when scheme and hostname is not defined in the directive
missed one.

xforms... again.
some more nits
  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
start documenting those that use the time-interval format
stupid typos
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Add time-interval as Syntax argument type
Adds a Where\'s The Code section to site navigation
Proxy timeout statements now sub-second granularity
"Switched to" makes it sound like a new thing
unused now
Allow finer control over hcheck intervals... minimum is whatever

the watchdog slice is.

Allow WatchdogInterval to be sub 1 second
Not an error... last one is honored

update trunk docs xforms

Make case insensitive

util.c: add a strict Base64 decoding function

ap_pbase64decode_strict() adds to the functionality of

ap_pbase64decode() in two ways:

- the length of the decoded buffer is returned, allowing embedded NULLs

to be retained by the caller

- the input string is strictly checked for Base64 validity, including

correct zero-padding at the end of the string

(This was originally added to the httpdunit feature/backport branch in

r1796208, then reverted in r1799376, since it's currently intended for

trunk only.)

ap_get_basic_auth_components: add unit tests
httpdunit: merge to trunk from feature branch
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