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Changeset 1789913 is being indexed.

forgot to add the html file
adding public Html doc file

adding index file

updating all the documents from trunk to 2.4 branch to be up to date version 2.4
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  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
added all the missing documentation from trunk, and added the style correctly
Updated to add the logo that rick has added

reviewed some other files too. only needed to change the ER number.

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XML updates.


XML update.


XML updates.

Easy votes while I'm in the neighborhood
Update PROXY handling proposal and reset votes to NULL +druggeri
Update PROXY handling by removing Optional processing
h2_worker.c/h removed in r1789739

On the trunk:

update after backport to 2.4.x

On the 2.4.x branch:

Merged /httpd/httpd/trunk:r1786715,1787051,1787141,1787604,1788672,1788981,1789221,1789224,1789276,1789279,1789395,1789520,1789535,1789692

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On the trunk:

mod_http2: log tags updated

conf using default H2Worker values, h2load added tests with more connections
On the trunk:

mod_http2: move stuff from master connection to worker threads, increase spare slave connections, create output beams in worker when needed.

On the trunk:

mod_http2: fixed problem of forgotten requests when number of connections larger than number of workers. Some code refactor, threads now queued in slot order for vanity reasons, so that the segfaults are more likely at the top and not the bottom.

On the trunk:

mod_http2: better performance, eliminated need for nested locks and thread privates.

Merge r1777556, r1777557, r1777593, r1777594, r1783056 from trunk:

Use apr_pstrmemdup instead of apr_pstrndup when applicable

Remove a useless break + tiny style fix (missing space)

'repl' is already allocated in the request pool by 'construct_host_header()' the line just before.

So this is safe to use the 'apr_table_setn' variant in order to save a few bytes of memory.

Fix some tiny style issues (missing space)

Save a few bytes in the request pool.

Submitted by: jailletc36

Reviewed by: jailletc36, ylavic, jim

Merge r1781328, r1785907 from trunk:

add no-proxy envvar for mod_proxy

replacement for ProxyPass /path ! when ProxyPass is in

location context.

compat inline for no-proxy

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed by: covener, ylavic, jim

oops... not enuff votes for this one