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additional testing for frame sceanrios using golang's http2 framer
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SECURITY: CVE-2016-8740

mod_http2: properly crafted, endless HTTP/2 CONTINUATION frames could be used to exhaust all server's memory.

Reported by: Naveen Tiwari <> and CDF/SEFCOM at Arizona State University

Changes done by Daniel, reviewed by me, adding the html files and meta file to the repo.
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Undocumented query string.

mpm-event's doc rebuild
Added some notes in mpm-event's doc page
Propose + 1 minor comment
Missing CHNAGES for r1772489
Fix some style issue.
The default value of 'inherit' should be AP_LUA_INHERIT_UNSET.

With this value, the behavior is the same as 'parent-first' in the 'LuaInherit' directive

If not explicitelly initialized, its value is 0 because of the 'apr_calloc 'in 'create_dir_config'. 0 means 'AP_LUA_INHERIT_NONE'

PR 60419

Remove some spaces to synch with 2.4
update transformation

update transformation

update transformation

Updated Markdown code to the dev guidelines page - part 3
Updated Markdown code to the dev guidelines page - part 2
Updated Markdown code to the dev guidelines page
Merge r1772418 from trunk:

loop in checking response headers

w/ HTTPProtocolOptions Unsafe

loop in checking response headers

w/ HTTPProtocolOptions Unsafe

Add testing hint
mpm-event's doc rebuild
Fixed some wording in mpm-event's doc page
mpm-event's documentation rebuild
Add a section to mpm-event's documentation to advertise new changes

I tried to add a summary of Stefan's last patches just backported to

2.4.x today. I've read all of them and tried to report Stefan's comment

from PR 53555 as much as possible. Please review and let me know if I wrong

something incorrect or not precise enough.

This isn't in 2.4.24, yet.

silence warning. No functional change

Merge r1770771 from trunk:

Describe new behavior of ServerLimit

This has changed a bit after the fix for PR 53555. Better wording is welcome.

Submitted by: sf

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1738631, r1738633, r1738635, r1757030, r1757031, r1770752, r1770768 from trunk:

Don't take over scoreboard slots from gracefully finishing threads

Otherwise the old and the new thread will both update the same scoreboard slot

with undefined results.

add comments

Document which directives set which variables

Make ap_find_child_by_pid() look at all slots that have ever been used.

This is preparation to allow to use more scoreboard slots in mpm event.

mpm_event: minor code simplification

- move variable initializations into declarations

- use max_workers variable

mpm_event: don't re-use scoreboard slots that are still in use

This causes inconsistent data in the scoreboard (due to async

connections) and makes it difficult to determine what is going on.

Therefore it is not a useful fix for the scoreboard-full issues (PR


The consent on the dev list is that we should allocate/use more

scoreboard entries instead.

Use all available scoreboard slots

Allow to use all slots up to ServerLimit. This makes 'scoreboard full'

errors much less likely.

And if ther is a situation where the scoreboard is full, don't make any

more processes finish gracefully due to reduced load until some old

processes have terminated. Otherwise, the situation would get worse once

the load increases again.

ap_daemon_limit is renamed to the more descriptive active_server_limit,

to make sure that all its uses are taken care of.

PR 53555

mpm_event: add clarifying comment

from jim

Submitted by: sf

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1705922, r1706523, r1738464, r1738466, r1738486 from trunk:

When shutting down a process, free resources early

Due to lingering connections, shutting down a process may take a very

long time. Free all recycled pools early in the hope that we can already

give some memory back to the OS.

rename some variables to be more descriptive

pid -> pslot

tid -> tslot

remove unused 'sd'

Terminate keep-alive connections when dying

When shutting down a process gracefully, terminate keep-alive connections so

that we don't get any new requests which may keep the dying process alive


Exit threads early during shutdown

During graceful shutdown, if there are more running worker threads than open

connections, terminate some threads. This frees resources faster, which may be

needed for new processes.

Exit threads early during shutdown, part 2

Follow up to r1738466: During graceful shutdown, when the listener thread is

closing a connection, it needs to wake up a worker thread so that it may


Submitted by: sf

Reviewed/backported by: jim