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update transformations.
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update for sync with English docs.
Clarify phrasing, as per bz53152

Clarify phrasing, as per bz53152

Various typos, broken links, and obsolete modules.

fix link to mod_headers
remove references to MPMs that no longer exist
Follow up to r1755264.

Don't crash when ap_rgetline() returns a NULL field on ENOSPC.

rebuild fixed links
Correct name of authnz_ldap module in French translation.

Remove reference to long-gone FAQ.

Remove reference to long-gone FAQ.

fix link to mod_setenvif
Correct erronious test;

field-content = field-vchar [ 1*( SP / HTAB ) field-vchar ]

field-vchar = VCHAR / obs-text

A tab or space are always valid field-vchar separators.

fix broken links

We didn't change the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER_MAJOR

mod_http2: support for intermediate responses
Update link to new location of Trawick's Exception Hook stuff.

Stop reflecting irrelevant data to the request error notes, particularly

for abusive and malformed traffic the non-technical consumer of a user-agent

has no control over.

Simply take note where the administrator-configured limits have been exceeded,

that administrator can find details in the error log if desired.

Treat an empty obs-fold line as abusive traffic
Strictly observe the one-SP requirement of every obs-fold line.

Now eliminate all intra-obs-fold excess whitespace, results condensed per spec.
An empty obs-fold line is a no-op.

As promised, reduce this logic by net 9 code lines, shifting the burden

of killing trailing whitespace to the purpose-agnostic read logic.

Whitespace before or after an obs-fold, and before or after a field value

have no semantic purpose at all. Because we are building a buffer for all

folded values, reducing the size of the newly allocated buffer is always

to our advantage.