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Changeset 1750839 is being indexed.

Get ready to tag 2.4.23

mod_proxy: Give ap_proxy_post_request as chance to act correctly on the status

code by setting r->status temporarily to access_status. r->status might be

different than access_status e.g. r->status could be HTTP_OK if e.g. we

override the error page on the proxy or if the error was not generated by the

backend itself but by the proxy e.g. a bad gateway.

Backports: r1597352

Submitted by: rpluem

Reviewed by: wrowe, ylavic

mime.types: Add common extension "m4a" for MPEG 4 Audio.

As a reference see Wikipedia:

Submitted by: Dylan Millikin <dylan.millikin>

PR: 57895

Backports: r1723567

Reviewed by: rjung, wrowe, ylavic

mod_proxy: don't recyle backend announced "Connection: close" connections

to avoid reusing it should the close be effective after some new request

is ready to be sent.

Backports: r1678763, r1703807, r1703813, r1678763

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed by: rpluem, wrowe

mod_substitute: Allow to configure the patterns merge order with the new

SubstituteInheritBefore on|off directive (with default in 2.2 of 'off)

Backports: r1684900, r1687539, r1687680, r1688331, r1688339, r1688340, r1688343,

r1697013, r1697015

PR: 57641

Submitted by:

[Marc.Stern <Marc.Stern>, Yann Ylavic, William Rowe]

update properties

Merge r1750779 from trunk:

modssl: reset client-verify state when renegotiation is aborted

Submitted by: icing

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Vote, promote.

add ssl test repeats
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modssl: reset client-verify state when renegotiation is aborted


Update transformations.

Merge 1750750 from trunk:

Update language on impact of disabling TRACE, remove reference to compliance.

Reviewed by: wrowe, covener, rpluem

Update transformations.

Update language on impact of disabling TRACE, remove reference to compliance.

Reviewed by: wrowe, covener, rpluem

Fix indentation and extra spaces of my previous commit, apologies.

Log CGI/FCGI Last-Modified header value changes.

The Last-Modified header coming from a backend FCGI/CGI script is inspected

by util_script.c to enforce RFC2616 (

The Last-Modified header also needs to be compliant with RFC882/1123 as stated in, and one important assumption that

httpd makes (correctly, as the RFC suggests) is to assume the GMT timezone. If the datestr

returned by the FCGI/CGI script is set with a different timezone, then the value might be considered

"in the future" and replaced with GMT now() as calculated by httpd. Adding a trace log might

help sysadmins while debugging these kind of issues. This is a follow up of r1748379.

More bugfixes required.
vote for memcache crash fix

Add CHANGES entry in mod_mem_cache patch relating to PR 45049.

While at it, propose another fix for mod_mem_cache relating to PR 43724.

Votes + promotes, and clarify suggested patch improvements
Merge r1750507, r1750553 from trunk:

Fix proxy balancer lbmethod --enable defaults to follow proxy_balancer

Small change to r952007, ensure we don't wipe out the $enable_foomod value

when that value is 'shared'. The 'yes', 'shared', 'static' and 'no' values

are all valid.

Submitted by: wrowe

Reviewed/backported by: jim

Merge r1749925 from trunk:

Promote any static module to yes|shared if a required dependency is not static

Submitted by: wrowe

Reviewed/backported by: jim



Required since w/o this patch, previous build fail (no lbmethods)

* Vote
update transformation