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Changeset 154326 is being indexed.

Vote and nominate a backport

Add the 'missing' modules, to avoid extranious warnings that their

base addresses cannot be found in BaseAddr.ref. [mod_log_forensic

was new, the other two are diagnostic/not built by default.]

Win32: output some useful debug messages when installing the service
fix compile break with recent rename of real_exit_code to ap_real_exit_code
Win32: Move call of mpm_service_install to rewrite_args hook but continue thru post_config to check httpd.conf
add cleanup in module/t/

use apr_snprintf, rather than snprintf, for portability.

Fix some symbols which should -not- be exported, and decorate real_exit_code

with ap_ (this symbol must be exported.) If the others were desired to be

public, they should have been ap_xxx decorated.

Belated CHANGES, must have conflicted last time I tried to commit.

Get httpd-2.1 building once again on win32.

NEVER NEVER screw around with redeclaring AP_ macros and constants.

If the compiler won't pick them up, e.g., AP_DECLARE, ya've done

something wrong from the start.

All httpd/ap headers depend on httpd.h - plain and simple, so this

un-convolutes the unusual order here.

STATIC has become PCRE_STATIC, along with some other odd definitions.

The only remaining emit is that _pcre_free export is imported, which

implies something is unusual with the declaration. Still researching.

propose backport of core input filter fix in r154200.

Remove unused variable.

*) include/httpd.h: Add a brigade for temporary uses in the core input filter context.

*) server/core_filters.c: Do not use brigade_split, since it allocates a new brigade. Instead move buckets to our tmpbb, and reuse the tmpbb for every call.

PR: 33382

Fix a syntax error when DEBUGGING is defined.

update transformation

update German translation


2.0.53 was released February 7, 2005 as GA.

Noticed by: Bojan Smojver <bojan>


update transformation

the win32 distributions are available now

don't want no stinking '\n' on console or error log from our

own literal strings

Rewrite some of the skipped cookie.c tests to avoid the #"\"" bug

in the VC++ preprocessor.

- AT_skip added.

- apr_strings.h needs including in at.h; now we shouldn't need

the WIN32 _snprintf conditional in there.

- Skip some cookie.c tests that Visual Studio doesn't like.

restore google-ability of an ancient message of great importance

Fix to correctly skip tests with 2.0.x.

Further work on changing the Win32 makefiles to recognize

the new directory structure.

Change properties on at.c and at.h to use native eol, and

also #define snprintf for WIN32.

Add core table accessors for APR::Request::Param::Table and APR::Request::Cookie::Table.

s/apreq_parse_request/apreq_parse/ and add it to APR::Request. Also change

apreq_xs_find_obj to return the reference to the desired SV object, instead

of the object itself. Since we drop the reference into the mg_obj slot often,

it's more useful to have a reference there instead of the raw object.