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Changeset 149276 is being indexed.

Make the doc agree with the implementation
Remove upper limit on the LimitRequestFieldSize directive
New traversal and publishing rules. We now forbid the traversal of any type defined in the 'types' module, except for a few exceptions.
Update Japanese translation.

English Revision: 126304

remove unneeded ssl config line

New Japanese translation.

Submitted by: yoshiki

Reviewed by: kawai

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Progress update.

update transformation

add charsets to be recognized by the svnmailer

update transformation

add charsets that should be recognized by the svnmailer

As per bug 33290, we probably don't want a <Limit> here.

As pointed out in bug 33290, we really don't want a <Limit> directive

here at all.

Cosmetic changes to the code in order to unify coding style.
update transformation

update Spanish translation

* manual/programs/, manual/, manual/

sync with English version

* manual/ new translation

Submitted by: Jesús Blanco <blanco>

Reviewed by: Daniel López

We log the path to, and remove it when uninstalling mod_python.
Added a Win32 batch file to build the Win32 installer.
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Fix : len(sys.argv) is never equal to 0. When the script is launched without parameters, len(sys.argv)==1 and the installation should be performed.
Building the _psp extension is done in the same way as buidling
- finished fixing MODPYTHON-13 ; added new unit tests for this bug

- refined traversal / publication control in resolve_object : we now rely on a dictionary of rules.

- Rewriting mod_python/ resolve_object to enhance security.

- Added unit tests for mod_python/

- Fixing [#MODPYTHON-13]

- Preparing 3.1.4 release

The Cookie.Cookie test had to be modified to follow the changes in the cookie parsing algorithm.
svn:eol-style = native

update transformation

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update Brazilian Portuguese translation:

* manual/, manual/,

manual/style/lang/pt-br.xml: Minor changes

* New translation

Submitted by: Eduardo Tompson Pereira <duaspila>

Reviewed by: Luiz Rocha <lsdrocha>

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Apache::TestConfig::untaint_path needs to remove empty entries in the

PATH list, since -T considers those tainted too.

update transformation

update transformation

update Spanish translation

* manual/ Update to current English version

* manual/mod/ New translation

Submitted by: "Jesús Blanco" <blanco>

Reviewed by: Daniel Lopez