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Changeset 1375917 is being indexed.


- Authz provider is available in 2.4.3 and later

- Fix whitespace issues

Add back the parsebody references that were commented out, and elaborate on how r:parsebody() works
elaborate on how r:parsebody() works
On to 2.2.24-dev
Tag 2.2.23
Prepare to tag and roll, .23 is baked
* htdbm/htpasswd: fix handling of crypt() failures.

Backports: r1346905

Submitted by: Paul Wouters <pwouters>, jorton

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

* include/util_ldap.h: Treat LDAP_UNAVAILABLE as a transient error

with non-MS LDAP SDKs; seen with OpenLDAP against Novell eDirectory.

Backports: r1348036

Submitted by: Filip Valder <filip.valder> (via RH bugzilla)

Reviewed by: rjung, fuankg, wrowe

* core: add filesystem paths to some common error messages.

Backports: r1301504

Submitted by: covener

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

* core: Fix error handling in ap_scan_script_header_err_brigade() if there

is no EOS bucket in the brigade:

Also don't loop if there is a timeout when discarding the script output.

Thanks to Edgar Frank for the analysis.

Note CHANGES entry omits mention of non-2.2 mod_proxy_fcgi

Backports: r1311174

Submitted by: sf

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

* server/main.c (main): Bail out *before* signalling the server

if the config is bad. (as per the claim in the docs!)

Backports: r1328345

Submitted by: jorton

Reviewed by: rjung, trawick, wrowe

Reviewed and backporting now
Add vulnerabilities closed with 2.4.3.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c (ssl_io_filter_handshake): Add a

wildcard common name match.

PR: 53006

fix an grammatical error

fix an grammatical error


ready for 2.4.3 anncouncement
* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c (ssl_init_proxy_certs): Update comment,

thanks to kbrand.

* modules/proxy/mod_proxy_connect.c (proxy_connect_handler): Fix

use of APLOGNO().

s/it's/its/ and fix another minor error
fix xml syntax error in r1375113
Merge r1356115, r1356813, r1086662 (tiny subset), and r1032431 from trunk:

mod_rewrite: Add "AllowAnyURI" option. PR 52774. [Joe Orton]

mod_rewrite: Fix the RewriteEngine directive to work within a

location. Previously, once RewriteEngine was switched on globally,

it was impossible to switch off. [Graham Leggett]

Reviewed by: rjung, wrowe, trawick

Only substitute slashes if needed.

Avoid error message from del since we print already an own.