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fix typos
Merge r1324697 from trunk:

Be consistent with *s' usage. Thank you, the oatmeal.

Submitted by: igalic

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Similiar? Never hoid of such.
Remove the link in the speaking-http-on-https error message.

With SNI, the link will usually be wrong. So better send no link at all.

PR: 50823

When receiving http on https, send the error response with http 1.0

It is important that we send a proper error status, or search engines

may index the error message.

PR: 50823

typo fix
Merge r1325527 from trunk:

Use the new flow chart instead

Backport rewrite chart from trunk
Merge r1328303 from trunk:

Fix some more typos

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Fix some more typos
backport r1328296: Fixing some typos
Fixing some typos
As a healthy starting point, remove the Tanenbaum quote.

SSL is bad enough, no need to intimidate folks before they

even set out.

Remove out-dated references to books and authors.

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SSLv2 is dead. Pease leave it at that.
Generated files added.

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Here's a little more of it.

To quote humbedooh: remove the usual unwanted adulations

Skeleton "getting started" document. Should this go in the howto/

directory instead?

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PR 53104 - %{abc}C truncates cookies whose values contain '='

First step to make cross compilation a bit easier.

For a local variable in a macro, use a name that is less likely to clash

with other variable names.

Add CVE-2012-0883