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Changeset 1328163 is being indexed.

SSLv2 is dead. Pease leave it at that.
Generated files added.

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Here's a little more of it.

To quote humbedooh: remove the usual unwanted adulations

Skeleton "getting started" document. Should this go in the howto/

directory instead?

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PR 53104 - %{abc}C truncates cookies whose values contain '='

First step to make cross compilation a bit easier.

For a local variable in a macro, use a name that is less likely to clash

with other variable names.

Add CVE-2012-0883

Fix typo and be consistent in using URL instead of url
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Tidy up XML
Add a first draft of performance scaling wiki, by now outdated by a year or three.
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Propose log_server_status fixes for 2.4

rebuild various
Merge r1327119:1327120 from trunk:

Fix the horrible horrible translation

rebuild various
Fix the horrible horrible translation
fix syntax error introduced in r1308873

backport r1325632

Introduce Slackware layout.

patch: Frank Gingras

review: igalic

2.3.7 is tagged; bump to 2.3.8 (development)

Tag 2.3.7

prepare for tag of 2.3.7

* server/mpm_unix.c (dummy_connection): Fix spello.

fix formatting of some 2.3.7-dev additions

fix typo in comment


Out we go