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Changeset 1177497 is being indexed.

Remove trailing comma on last enum member for authz_status
* Vote

Fix indentation.

Add entry for r1177211.

Add backport proposal for MaxRanges configuration

directive and ap_set_accept_ranges() utility function.

With that 2.0.x should be on par with 2.2.x w.r.t.


Followpup to r1166612: reflect changed

"MaxRanges 0" semantics and new MaxRanges

string options in default configuration snippet.

Hope that's CTR because the setting is commented

out by default.

Clarify configuration comment.

Clarify CHNAGES item.

Backport r1175980, r1175992:

byterange: Range of '0-' returns 206

Submitted by: Jim Jagielski

Reviewed by: jim, rpluem, rjung, sf

vote, promote, comment

Vote, comment.

Vote, correct wrong revision number, improve proposal.

In ssl_check_public_cert(), also take dNSNames in the subjectAltName

extension into account when checking the cert against the configured

ServerName. PR 32652, PR 47051.

Replace SSL_X509_getCN() by SSL_X509_getIDs(), which returns an array

of a cert's DNS-IDs and CN-IDs (terms as coined by RFC 6125).

* Vote
Some NetWare ssl module build tweaks.


Update patch

* Add comment and half vote
typo in patch fixed

* Add comment
Make mod_substitute more efficient:

- Use varbuf resizable buffer instead of constantly allocating pool

memory and copying data around. This changes the memory requirement from

quadratic in ((number of substitutions in line) * (length of line)) to

linear in (length of line).

- Instead of copying buckets just to append a \0, use new ap_regexec_len()


PR: 50559

Some varbuf enhancements:

- Introduce new ap_varbuf_pdup() and ap_varbuf_regsub() functions.

- Fix some bugs in ap_varbuf_strmemcat().

- Make ap_varbuf.buf point to an empty string if no buffer has been allocated,


backport req

Byterange 0- handling patch

Adjust log message to reflect changed behaviour

add tests for non-regex substitutions

Put 0- on the fast-track
No longer do double duty...