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Add mod_arm4 to the modules page
fix child process aborts with

assertion "!((queue)->nelts == (queue)->bounds)" failed

due to worker queue overflows. The listener/event thread

needs to block when all worker threads are busy.

Small update to the build process for Netware
Allow APR-UTIL to exist and build outside of the httpd/srclib file structure
worker MPM: Fix a problem which could cause httpd processes to

remain active after shutdown.

The problem occurred when a scoreboard entry currently

in use by an exiting child process was used for a new child

process. At that point, the MPM forgot about the exiting

child process, so ap_reclaim_child_processes() wouldn't be

able to forceably terminate it.

(An exiting child process may *never* exit due to a stuck

or long-running request being handled on one of the threads.)

wrong format string was converted to APR_PID_T_FMT

Do run the 304 tests for 2.1.0.

* modules/filters/mod_deflate.c (deflate_out_filter): Check explicitly

for a 304 or 204 response rather than a brigade which begins with EOS,

to correctly handle such responses when generated by a CGI script.

Don't alter the headers for this case either.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c (ssl_io_filter_Upgrade): Remove the

unnecessary check of the Connection request header.

Fix gcc "no previous prototype" warnings after reorganisation:

* server/core_filters.c (ap_core_input_filter, ap_core_output_filter,

ap_net_time_filter): Renamed to add ap_ prefixes for global symbols.

* include/ap_listen.h: Don't export ap_listen_open at all, it's not

used outside server/listen.c any more.

* server/listen.c (open_listeners): Renamed from ap_listen_open.

* modules/http/mod_core.h: Prototype ap_http_chunk_filter.

* modules/http/chunk_filter.c (ap_http_chunk_filter): Rename from


* modules/http/http_core.c (chunk_filter): Remove the original copy.

(register_hooks): Register ap_http_chunk_filter.

nagoya isn't our Bugzilla server anymore.

svn:eol-style = native

Use 102 not 101 since 101 has specific semantics.
* Make install-man the last install target as it copies an

excruciatingly large amount of files. (We should also filter the .svn

sub directories before copying it, too.)

set PATH on Win32 when running tests so as to include location of built dlls first
Update apreq docs for snapshot availability
* STATUS: Tweak status.

document how to get cookies persist between requests

Contributed by: "Christopher H. Laco" <>

docs: be consistent at how need_* is invoked

Contributed by: "Christopher H. Laco" <>

Use a case insensitive compare when looking for 'Upgrade'.

The first client I tested was sending 'upgrade'.

few style tweaks
readme file

mod_arm4 windows project file
initial crufty version of mod_arm4.c
create mod_arm4 repository


Thank Andre for spotting this.

Forward port <syntax> fix from 2.0.x.

Update transformation.