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Changeset 106963 is being indexed.

A few more svn ignores.

ignore Makefile.old

Drop internal apreq_parser_fcn struct. It is simpler to

work with a pointer-to-function-pointer, which is (void *)-

compatible (even though function-pointers are not).

Allow --with-ap[ru]-config flags to override the apxs path

when --with-apache2-apxs is used. Users need this option

when ap[ru]-config is renamed/reshuffled after installation,

but the installed apxs isn't updated to reflect the change.

Replace the hardcoded "httpd" with `apxs -q progname`,

since vendors (eg. Mandrake) sometimes name it "httpd2"

or somesuch.

Also add --with-apache2-httpd flag to allow users to

override the path to httpd, which is normally

derived from

% apxs -q SBINDIR progname

Users need this option when httpd is renamed/reshuffled

after installation, but the installed apxs isn't updated

to reflect the change.

Revert my patch of this a.m. while I work out all the

potential forward declaration pitfalls.

We are very happy with this result file on win32. ignore.

Catch apr-iconv for we win32 people.

Usage was inconsistent with the rest of ap_filter_t examples;

we always presume the typedef'fed flavor of such symbol names.

Fixing various compiler errors when compiling against the latest version of LibC SDK
zap extra blank in error message

Remove pcreposix.h that is now in main include dir.
Use pcreposix.h from main include dir.
Use APR_PID_T_FMT instead %d for pid logging.
Make sure that worker initialization is done only

once per worker, as well the initialization of shared

memory slot. Also log the child pid so that logging

makes sense.

dftables now uses output file as command line param.
Add missing pcreposix.h from vendor/pcre/5.0.
    • ?
Update cache module project and modules location from experimental to cache.
Update cache module project location from experimental to cache.

update apreq docs to use svn
* server/core.c: Give an error instead of silently going on when a section is missing an argument.

PR: 25460

Submitted By: Geoffrey Young

update transformation

Add docs-2.1 to the sidebar with a denotation that it is alpha at the moment.

(Also fixes the cli link that was inadvertently removed in last commit.)

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Put a quick note that we're using Subversion instead of CVS. Detailed docs

will have to follow...

Add 'New features of 2.1/2.2' to index page.

Add reference to htcacheclean in mod_disk_cache docs via program. (Yay, nd!)

Update transformations.

update German translation

adjust revision references and update transformation

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update transformation

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minor cleanups

use <program>

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