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Changeset 106894 is being indexed.

Update cache module project location from experimental to cache.

update apreq docs to use svn
* server/core.c: Give an error instead of silently going on when a section is missing an argument.

PR: 25460

Submitted By: Geoffrey Young

update transformation

Add docs-2.1 to the sidebar with a denotation that it is alpha at the moment.

(Also fixes the cli link that was inadvertently removed in last commit.)

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Put a quick note that we're using Subversion instead of CVS. Detailed docs

will have to follow...

Add 'New features of 2.1/2.2' to index page.

Add reference to htcacheclean in mod_disk_cache docs via program. (Yay, nd!)

Update transformations.

update German translation

adjust revision references and update transformation

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update transformation

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minor cleanups

use <program>

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allow program for manual pages...

Properly export ap_listen_* functions.

* server/listen.c: Add AP_DECLARE as appropriate.

* include/ap_listen.h: Add AP_DECLARE as appropriate.

Update transformation.

add program element

collapse styles as in 2.0

Update Japanese translation.

Submitted by: kawai, yoshiki

* In the updated 5.x pcre build, pcre.h is in builddir.

Update Japanese translation.

property cleanup

update transformation

update transformation

new German translation

Reviewed by: nd

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* .htaccess is not a valid id, so cut the leading point

backport changes from 2.1:

* use the <glossary> element

* format code for better readability

* new glossary item "hash"

* add an id attribute for every anchor

* .htaccess is not a valid id, so cut the leading point

backport from 2.1:

* add the two new elements <glossary> and <phonetic>

* add transformation for <glossary> and <phonetic>

* add style for pronounciations

* add title for glossary links

Update transformation.

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Oops, forgot to bump up the corresponding revision.

Update Japanese translation...

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