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Backport fix for memory consumption DoS, CVE CAN-2004-0942:

* server/protocol.c (ap_rgetline_core): Don't trim trailing whitespace

from the buffer here.

(ap_get_mime_headers_core): Trim trailing whitespace here, after

reading a complete field including continuation lines. Also simplify

code to remove whitespace between field-name and colon.

Reviewed by: stoddard, jorton, nd

Explain why the tests are skipped.

oops :)


This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag


official 1.16

Spending a little time in the garage, these mostly look like pretty good

suggestions. A few nak's on proposals with real issues.

add test example

add php files to the manifest

add a simple INSTALL file to help new users

    • ?
skip_all addition to plan()

Wording tweaks.

new two Korean translations and up-to-date patches

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update my key

Add info about mod_filter

First Swing at a 2.0 -> 2.2 New Features Document.

This is only a very rough start, feel free to add new features/modules

and edit my initial version.

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    • ?
    • ?
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add generated manpage for htcacheclean(8)

    • ?
update transformation

    • ?
mention the new manual page everywhere

document htcacheclean (more or less taken from the program itself)

    • ?
use a smarter way to specify the limit

more native newlines

better readability, native newlines, less spam

another warning.

avoid compiler warning

just style

update transformation

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New Japanese translation.

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New Japanese translation.

Submitted by yoshiki.

Reveiewd by kawai.

    • ?
voted. Note on the Worker MPM vote..