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Changeset 105675 is being indexed.

Added the directive "Requires ldap-attribute" that allows the module to only authorize a user if the attribute value specified matches the value of the user object. PR 31913

Submitted by: Ryan Morgan <rmorgan>

Reviewd by: Brad Nicholes

reverting to 1.41 - apparently the conditional assignment borks win32

modify for win32 in version 1.03


Track the status of an upgradeable socket so that the http_method and default_port hooks will report the correct information. Also add the check for an upgraded https connection when responding to the state of a connection.

* docs/conf/magic: Remove trailing whitespace.

PR: 31472

Submitted by: Jack Repenning

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* docs/conf/magic: Remove trailing whitespace.

PR: 31472

Submitted by: Jack Repenning

Split LDAP authorization from authentication

Allow mod_authnz_ldap authorization functionality to be used without requiring the user to also be authenticated through mod_authnz_ldap. This allows other authentication modules to take advantage of LDAP authorization only [PR 28253]

Submitted by: Jari Ahonen [jah]

Reviewed by: Brad Nicholes

Note the mod_rewrite regression since .52.

Implement the util_ldap_cache_getuserdn() API so that the ldap authorization only modules have access to the util_ldap user cache without have to require ldap authentication as well. Also required by mod_authnz_ldap so that it's authorization functionality can be used independant from the authentication functionality. [PR 31898]

Submitted by: Jari Ahonen [jah]

Reviewed by: Brad Nicholes

* modules/mappers/mod_rewrite.c (hook_uri2file): Revert r1.259 to fix

regression in proxy and QUERY_STRING handling (though with proxy

issues on HEAD mod_rewrite [P] stuff is still completely broken).

A new mod_ssl fix, update the ap_save_brigade fix.

* server/util_filter.c (ap_save_brigade): Be more tolerant of a bucket

type which neither implements ->setaside nor morphs on ->read, such as

the mod_perl SV bucket type in mod_perl <1.99_17; defer returning an

error in this case until after calling setaside on each bucket.

* modules/ssl/ssl_engine_kernel.c (ssl_hook_UserCheck): Fix possible

NULL pointer dereference in some configurations.

PR: 31848

turn output buffering off so that php-generated headers don't affect

test output

autogenerate php.ini and make sure that php picks it up

move functions to test-more.php

Corrected docs, xformed.

Status: External

Directive scope: server config

no overrides

Correct syntax to match our conventions

Fix indentation - extentions should be indented beyond the handler name.

Correct wrong transliteration for client .js script retrieval.

Submitted by: Yussef Alkhamrichi <yalkhamrichi>

Swore I had removed these, moved to the mod/ subdir

Add a pretty bad test for CAN-2004-0942.

Add some tests for header parsing.

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changes to log client IP address on a few types of errors

Change core connection handling so that a connection-oriented

error disabling nagle* is logged with the client IP address and

a debug log level. We filter out not-implemented errors from

platforms which don't support TCP_NODELAY.

*This is typically EINVAL, which means that the client already

dropped the connection.

Also, mention an earlier change to include the client IP address

when logging connection-oriented errors.

Use <p></p> instead of <br> to mark paragraphs.

fix and update transformation

Fix typo and update HTML version.

Fix compile trouble.