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Changeset 102354 is being indexed.

Build array of allowed methods with proper dimensions, fixing

possible memory corruption.

small but significant typo

Add mod_log_forensic to the NetWare httpd.conf template

Add mod_log_forensic to the NetWare project file

Win32: Tweak Jeff's patch to correctly handle setting server state in the parent process

Note GNU difference.


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Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

Don't log twice.

bump MAX_SERVER_LIMIT by 10x (hoping to stay ahead of Moore's Law for a little

while) since the current limit is too small for at least one high end site.

Submitted by: Colm MacCarthaigh [colm]

Typo, reported by Michael Schroepl

Typo, pointed out by Michael Schroepl

* build/ Pass CFLAGS but not CPPFLAGS or INCLUDES on LINK


Add Geoff's doc patch for Apache::Request::instance()

just voting, not making things more complicated

remove TODO markings on 2.0 tests that have been backported from 2.1

On Win32, search for Apache/Apache2 as the name of the httpd binary,

rather than apache/apache2.

Error in documentation referring to obsolete req.connection.user


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Martin Clausen

Reviewed by:

A small patch to insure mod_python 3.1.2b compiles with APR 0.9

and 1.0. It replaces a call to deprecated apr_pool_sub_make with a call

to apr_pool_create_ex.


Obtained from:

Submitted by: Sergey A. Lipnevich

Reviewed by:

Documented the session unlock cleanup.

Added a cleanup to the session.lock() to always try to unlock at the end

of requests. This seems like an appropriate thing to do and prevents some

confusion with seeming server lockups when the session variable exists

beyond the life of the request.

Corrected the problem reported by Stian S�iland. When req.user is NULL

after AuthenHandler, it a problem *only* when the return status is OK.

Fixed timeout to be 30 min.

tools have been changed

allow proxying of directoryindex'd resources

cross-version updates

internal_fast_redirect: take over important request_rec members

313 is not a valid response code

bust the "recursive include" test. It's no longer necessary and prevents

users from careful use of the feature.

allow proxying and rules in .htaccess in subrequests

PR: 14648, 15114

Some syntax errors in mod_mime_magic's magic file can result

in a 500 error, which previously was unlogged. Now we log the


Submitted by: Jeff Trawick

Reviewed by: Jim Jagielski, Martin Kraemer

with the new general status stuff, F and G are just shortcuts

-> simplify.