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Some syntax errors in mod_mime_magic's magic file can result

in a 500 error, which previously was unlogged. Now we log the


Submitted by: Jeff Trawick

Reviewed by: Jim Jagielski, Martin Kraemer

with the new general status stuff, F and G are just shortcuts

-> simplify.

add vote


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Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

cross-version updates

Linux 2.4+: If Apache is started as root and you code

CoreDumpDirectory, coredumps are enabled via the prctl() syscall.

Backport of a 2.x feature by Greg Ames.

Submitted by: Jeff Trawick

Reviewed by: Joe Orton, Jim Jagielski

allow setting of any valid HTTP response code via R flag.

except for redirects this implies [L] and match-only (no


PR: 25917

If the proxy was enabled, and UseCanonicalHostname was off,

then the Via: header would report not the proxy

hosts's ServerName (or any of its configured VHosts's names) as it

should, but the *origin hosts*'s name.

Now it reports its ServerName.

Fold in backport of 2.0 fix for mod_usertrack core dump

when enabled but no explicit CookieName is set.

PR: 24483(Bugz)

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Submitted by:

Reviewed by:

* src/modules/standard/mod_auth_db.c (get_db_pw): Fix build with

Berkeley DB 4.x where x > 0.

PR: 21443

* src/modules/standard/mod_usertrack.c (spot_cookie): Remove unused

variable 'i' added in r1.57.

no need to copy the string again



weekday and monthnames are locale dependent...


according to RFC 2965, inspect only the Cookie header (vs. Cookie2)

PR: 11475

Submitted by: chrisd (Chris Darroch)


don't overwrite other cookies

PR: 26002

Submitted by: apache (Scott Moore)

document REMOTE_PORT

unsafe designation

use the UNSAFE designation for unescaped errorlogs

Submitted by: Geoffrey Young, Joe Orton


make REMOTE_PORT available

PR: 25772


allow unescaped errorlogs via compile time switch

Submitted by: Geoffrey Young <geoff>

ignore lib directory

backport done

document indexoptions +xhtml

sync with 2.0.49-dev

backport this fix from 2.1-dev:

Fix a long delay with CGI requests and keepalive connections on


Reviewed by: stoddard, jerenkrantz