Joe Schaefer
on 04 Feb 05
Widespread API refactorization to remove apreq_jar_t and apreq_request_t:

- Header includes reorganized; apreq_parsers.h added (back … Show more
 Widespread API refactorization to remove apreq_jar_t and apreq_request_t:


 - Header includes reorganized; apreq_parsers.h added (back again).

 - Replaced apreq_jar_t and apreq_request_t with single apreq_env_handle_t.

 - Added const qualifier to "v" attribute of apreq_cookie_t and apreq_param_t.

 - Use union type-puns to drop const qualifiers inside the new

   apreq_value_to_cookie and apreq_value_to_param implementations

   (gcc generates same object code as the macro versions did).

 - Moved "flags" attribute from apreq_value_t to apreq_cookie_t and apreq_param_t.

 - Remove env argument from hooks and parsers.

 - Reduce apreq_env_module to minimal set of operations.

 - Replace apreq_log calls with apreq-specific error codes.

 - Hooks are called on each body param now, not just during file uploads.

 - Tie the cgi handle to its creator pool.

 Detailed changes by header file:


 - Remove flags from apreq_value_t.

 - Remove const qualifier from apreq_value_t's "name" attribute.

 - Remove apreq_value_merge* and apreq_value_copy*.

 - Remove apreq_char_to_value, apreq_strtoval, and apreq_strlen.

 - Move apreq_enctype to apreq_env.h.

 - Move apreq_env_handle_t struct definition to apreq_env.h

 - Change signature of apreq_decode.

 - Move apreq_brigade_concat here, changed its signature and improved it alot.

 - Remove apreq_brigade_spoolfile.

 - Dropped APREQ_*_ENCTYPE, renamed some APREQ_$foo defaults APREQ_DEFAULT_$foo.

 - Added APREQ_ERROR_*.


 - Remove apreq_env.h include.

 - Remove apreq_jar_t.

 - Add "flags" to apreq_cookie_t, add const qualifier to its "v" attr.

 - Remove apreq_jar* functions.

 - Add apreq_parse_cookie_header.

 - Move apreq_cookie, apreq_cookie_bake(2), and

   apreq_ua_cookie_version to apreq_env.h.


 - Remove apreq_env.h include.

 - Remove apreq_request_t.

 - Add "flags" to apreq_param_t, and const qualifier to its "v" attr.

 - Rename "bb" attribute "upload" in apreq_param_t.

 - Remove apreq_request* functions.

 - Remove apreq_parse_request.

 - Changed apreq_decode_param signature.

 - Replace env argument with apr_table_t in apreq_params_as_array,


 - Move remaining apreq_param* to apreq_env.h.

 - Move parser and hook sections to apreq_parsers.h.

 - Change apreq_upload(s) old apreq_request_t arg to apr_table_t.


 - Acquire the hook and parser sections of original apreq_params.h.

 - Remove env argument from APREQ_PARSER_ARGS and APREQ_HOOK_ARGS

 - Augment apreq_hook_t and apreq_parser_t to replace missing env features.

 - Change apreq_make_parser and apreq_make_hook signatures.

 - Rename apreq_add_hook to apreq_parser_add_hook, returning apr_status_t.

 - Change apreq_parser signature.


 - Remove read, log, pool, bucket_alloc, request, jar, and query_string methods.

 - Include apreq_parsers.h.

 - Reorganize apreq_env_module_t to provide hook, parser, jar, args,

   & body table ops.

 - Rename max_brigade to "brigade_limit", max_body to "read_limit".

 - Change related module sigs, including temp_dir, to get/set methods.

 - Add parser and read_limit args to apreq_env_make_custom_handle.

 - Drop "name" arg and APREQ_ENV_MODULE =~ s/_ENV//.

 - s/apreq_env_make/apreq_handle/ in the handle constructor names.

 [mod_apreq.c, apreq_env_apache2.h]

 - Changed APREQ_Max* configs to APREQ_BrigadeLimit and APREQ_ReadLimit.

 - Handle constructor renamed apreq_handle_apache2.

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