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FLEX-35078 removing unused functions, local variables and inner classes while reading the code.

Fixed a range error when accessing TextBlocks in paragraphs with tables.

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FLEX-35100 CAUSE: TextBlock.createTextLine() orTextBlock.recreateTextLine() return null when there's no more text to create lines for (as indicated by the previousLine parameter) or the TextBlock's content's text is null or "". (It's also possible when the width parameter is insufficient, but in this case the fitSomething parameter is true, which excludes this case).

SOLUTION: Added a null check for textLine.

FLEX-35078 Changes while reading the code: minor asdoc edits, code formatting changes, and Array instantiation simplification.

Improved keyboard navigation in text surrounding tables

Moved the logic for composing the table on cell resizing out of EditManager and into StandardFlowComposer where it belongs.

Better handling of nested table composition (related to operations)

Added support for selection based operations when the selection is in a table cell (we need test cases for this)

Fixed getText() to be more technically correct.

Changed Table getText() to return a single code point.

Attempt at fixing FLEX-34988 Need to confirm that \uFDEF is the correct way to represent an inline graphic.

Fix for FLEX-34744 Span elements with an id defined are now handled as a special case and not normalized out.

FLEX-34876 Added/fixed tests

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FLEX-34807 Renaming variable to clarify its role.

FLEX-34807 Removed unused variables and optimised Array and Object construction.

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FLEX-34807 Fixed the case where it's not he last paragrpah

Fixed a RTE when trying to justify lines which contain Table Blocks

Replace line tab characters with new line characters on paste

update inlinegraphicelement.as

for for bug #2931005 TLF cannot show Flex SWF after loading it as an ILG was incomplete. images added with htmlconverter used the fix, which broke them. it now checks to make sure contenttype is a swf

FLEX-34756 Split the functionality provided by FlowComposerBase.isDamaged() and StandardFlowComposer.isDamaged() into two separate functions, because 1) they do very different things, and 2) to solve FLEX-34756 I need the former. -Also improved some comments and imports.

Fixed last Operation test bug

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Fixed case where terminator span was incorrectly being dropped

Fixed another Operation test

Fixed issues that were causing tests to fail/error

Fixed handling of paragraph terminators

Fixed issue with undo failing

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Fix another ASDoc issue

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

Fix ASDoc issue

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>