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files moved to licenseParts

update paths to partial license and notice files

Moved from base directory to make license conditions clear

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Update to extended support release version 18.0 and version 4.15

add support for new versions of flash player

update to extended support release version 18.0

add support for new versions of flash player

update to version 4.15

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update release notes

Flex-35003 updated to FontAwesome 4.5

FLEX-35003 Update to FontAwesome 4.5

Changed `dirname $0` to `dirname "$0"` to support paths with spaces

Moved the initStyles from the moduleFactory setter to the class constructor. This resolved a bug with the styles only being attempted once.

FLEX-34958 Reordered new features by ticket number.

FLEX-34958 Removed sub-tasks, added two newly-resolved features and upgraded some issues that were listed as bugs to the New Features heading.

FLEX-34625 Reverting unit test to pre-debug version.

FLEX-34979 Adding Apache header.

Merge branch 'release4.15.0' into develop

update a few more version vars so mustella test passes

Merge branch 'release4.15.0' into develop

Revert "Fix for https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLEX-34909 (Embedded fonts not working on charts)"

This reverts commit 636859085bbd6794ce6b3950727e20c5aa2a665d.

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FLEX-34982: The styles will now fallback to assigning directly to the chart directly if the style declaration was not found. This corrects RTE's that occur later when the styles are referenced and do not perform null checks.

-Removed initStyles() method return values since they were not being checked and it's only response was true. It's a private method, will not have to worry about being overridden.

FLEX-34979 CAUSE: The transformation of the spark Sort and SortField from extending AdvancedStyleClient to implementing its interfaces and using an instance of it as a class member had some more bugs: -the id setter didn't exist -when AdvancedStyleClient dispatched an event, Sort / SortField didn't pick up on it and dispatch forward -When AdvancedStyleClient initialized it added itself as a styleClient to the document. This is undesired for Sort and SortField because from then on the style code would used the AdvancedStyleClient member instead of the Sort / SortField instances, as before, which meant that their relevant functions (such as setStyle or styleChanged) were never called.


-there is now an id setter in AdvancedStyleClientImplementation

-AdvancedStyleClient_ was introduced to be able to override some functions of AdvancedStyleClient

-Sort and SortField now listen to the events dispatched via their AdvancedStyleClient_ member and pass on the events if there's a listener for them

-on initialization we now add the Sort / SortField instances as styleClients to the document instead of their AdvancedStyleClient members, which should now be hidden from any code interacting with Sort and SortField (this is achieved in AdvancedStyleClient_)

-all the instances where AdvancedStyleClient interacted with the StyleProtoChain using 'this' were changed into using the Sort / SortField instances


-Since some of the public functions in AdvancedStyleClient (getStyle, setStyle, styleChanged) are also called internally from other AdvancedStyleClient functions (or could be, in the future), and we need them to hit the Sort / SortField implementations instead, AdvancedStyleClient_ now overrides those functions and makes sure that the Sort / SortField versions are called.

-AdvancedStyleClient.setDeferredStyles() was made protected so that AdvancedStyleClient_.as can override it to make sure that StyleProtoChain.setStyle is always called referring to Sort or SortField instead of the instance of AdvancedStyleClient_ they use internally.

FLEX-34979 CAUSE: When the transition was made from the spark Sort and SortField extending AdvancedStyleClient to implementing its interfaces, the omission was that only IAdvancedStyleClient was implemented, as opposed to all three relevant interfaces (IAdvancedStyleClient, IFlexModule, IMXMLObject). More specifically the mustella failures reflected that the function initialized() wasn't present anymore, as that function, called automatically by the framework, is responsible for registering the Sort and SortField instances with the IFlexModuleFactory implementor (FlexModuleFactory or SystemManager, etc.).


The spark versions of Sort and SortField now also implement IFlexModule and IMXMLObject via AdvancedStyleClientImplementation.


-also cleaned some imports in AdvancedStyleClient.

update approval script with binary package checks

try blazeds 4.7.2

update bug list and contributor from merge with develop branch

Merge commit 'b29975cc08515531f9e51f6681baf23f94f3ef50' into release4.15.0

FLEX-33537: Updated to force properties to be validated before setting the focus to the textDisplay. This seems to stop it tripping over itself with the visible skin states.

Revert "FLEX-33537: Changed the internal setfocus to the textDisplay call to be callLater. This allows for the skin/child components to be setup before receiving focus."

This reverts commit d5c329722cd60568c53210973024b591b912b486.