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add imagediff target that compiles and runs the imagediff tool

added helpful comment about compiler generating skin parts

FLEX-33913 fix for lists getting mixed up

remove try and catch to improve performance

CXForm add toString method

made code constant in both classes

changed private to protected

FLEX-34019 stop combo box from staying open

make catch block empty to improve performance

make catch block empty to improve performance

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make catch block empty to improve performance

remove try catch to improve performance. ADG tests pass.

FLEX-33836 lazy loading of resource files give performance improvement (esp mobile)

FLEX-33904 memory fix

FLEX-33897 MediaQueryParser memory use improvements

Changed scale factor to 1.5 of 320 dpi skins rather than 2x 320 dpi skins. Adjusted x and y coordinated to be 1.5x 320 dpi skins.

FLEX-33891 stop getstyleManager being called twice

FLEX-33893 CSS memory / performance fix

FLEX-33971 removed line from across checkbox

Remove compiler warning

FLEX-33902 reduce memory allocations

FLEX-33978 fix for RTE

correct last check in - added needed space

update MD5 to new versions

updated with recent JIRA changes

FLEX-33989 saved MultiDPIBitmapSource information for icon when saving view data

FLEX-34006 fixed RTE

FLEX-33990 fix for RTE

FLEX-33921 fix rounding issue

FLEX-34011 stop RTE when vaue/_axis is null