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FLEX-26325 Added a way to override the toString method to stop excessive slow logging.

Fixed javacc download URL

The original URL seemingly causes a redirect to the 'https' download and this redirect (may) cause the download to fail but still result in a 0 byte file, confusing the build script. Changed URL to 'https' to avoid this problem.

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

FLEX-26048 check if date range actually contains dates

FLEX-28401 Changes so that small numbers > 0.0000001 are supported and display correctly without scientific notation

FLEX-18951 Fixed to support scientific notation (as both numbers and strings)

FLEX-33524: Combined a few methods and reduced redundant code.

FLEX-24764 number formatter was incorrectly round numbers with the correct number of digits

fix hasOwnProperty call

Make includeTransients logic clear and default to false.

Fixed same issue as reported in FLEX-18697

watch out for RTEs

Should check array length outside of loop.

FLEX-26325 Minor performance improvement

FLEX-26325 Added setToStringExcludes and some obvious minor performance improvements

FLEX-28861 Added back in code for first guess - performance increase with large strings.

FLEX-14316 (related) Fixed slice not being assigned to anything. Bigger question is there a better was for UIFTETestFields to work without the code duplication form UITextField?

FLEX-13994 Added guard to stop RTE

FLEX-16876 Removed unnecessary code/cast

FLEX-33524: Added convenience feature to enable/disable buttons in a ButtonBar/TabBar.

FLEX-33523 Change so scaling works in fill and crop modes. Mustella tests pass no objections to fix on list.

FLEX-33169 Fix for scrolling bug

FLEX-27855 Changed value to display "," when decimal separator is ","

FLEX-27235 When number (rather than string) is passed to validator and decimal character was not "." incorrect error was being shown

FLEX-17210 Added check to see if locale exists when changing localeChain

Merge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-sdk into develop

change to new download URL for javacc

be more tolerant of bad multinames

FLEX-19211 added ideographic space to isWhiteSpace

FLEX-24197 user name starting with a dot shoudl be invalid

FLEX-23614 fix so that 1.1..1 or similar is invalid