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FLEX_34219 ToolTipManager bug. Accept patch from Constantin A (with some minor modifications)

FLEX-34353 fix shift-tab focus transfer from IE address bar

more chinese translations from Darkstone

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FLEX13036 fix nestLevel in containers with contentpane

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FLEX-33986 Validator.source is now bindable

FLEX-34377 Chinese translations from Darkstone

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FLEX34324: accept patch from Chris Martin

refix FLEX-34078 in a more general way

Revert "FLEX-34078 fix callouts closing when selecting dates in DateFields"

This reverts commit 080f5e64d5718d76c51ecf6b07552b8bfc1b112e.

Revert "Fix for issue FLEX-34320"

This reverts commit 798194db5eaf9aa28db4fd6027f78b40bb15800d.

Make SpinnerListSkin and SpinnerListContainerSkin work with all supported DPIs

Revert "FLEX-34222 fix selection reverting to previous typed values when second value (not in list) is entered"

This reverts commit 05ea4798b51a03ef94576f17512473296a5d42a1.

added support for FP 14

Updated to support FP/AIR 14

add md5 task to display md5 of various files

Android 4.x skins for SpinnerList. Contributed by Aaron Nash here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLEX-34356 I made some tweaks to the skin to make it consistent with the color scheme I am working with.

allow for server-based language files

change swfobject to download from github

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop

FLEX-34294: Create a base Class for workers making them debuggable via FDB - Adjusted minimum AIR version and typo.

add caching, checksums and timetamps to sdk install

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FLEX-34347: propagate breakpoint shouldn't throw an NPE when the location is not found

FLEX-34346: BP in mxml inline item renderer shouldn't be consider as Ambiguous

Merge branch 'FDBWorkers' into develop

FLEX-34343: Remove the fdbworkers directory before to merge to the develop branch

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/FDBWorkers' into FDBWorkers

FLEX-34342: Break and Clear command should accept paths

FLEX-34334: FDB should allow to set / removed breakpoint by default in all existed and new created instances of a worker

Reverted some unchanged files, the only diff was spaces.

FLEX-34334: FDB should allow to set / removed breakpoint by default in all existed and new created instances of a worker

sub pixel differences