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add time to timestamping. log if using cached version

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allow for server-based language files

change swfobject to download from github

add caching, checksums and timetamps to sdk install

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more use tofile instead of todir

use tofile instead of todir

more installer fixes. swfobject now goes in the right javascript folder, pick up default player and air versions from sdk-installer-config-4.0.xml

fix some bugs in the air install and clean up 'in' folder if success

update AIR / FP to default to more recent version

don't touch locale in -config.xml and flex-description

replace tokens in config files

don't cache sdk-installer-config filefile

fix up -config.xml files with player version, swf version and locale

FLEX-34104 copy swfutils.jar so flex-fontkit will work

fix up flex-sdk-description

add echo statements to install script. Needs localization review

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new installer scripts for main Flex SDK

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