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FLEX-34721 In order to support Squiggly to run its own unit tests via flexunit-tests.xml, we had to make some changes: -all the existing unit tests have been moved to a directory called 'tests' on the same level as the 'src' directory of each project. That's because other projects (in this case, Squiggly) don't compile their sources based on a manifest.xml file, or on a main .as file that links in all the classes. This means that if the 'src' folder will contain unit tests in Squiggly, they will be compiled into the swc, which we don't want. Also it's generally better to assume that tests do not reside in the 'src' directory of the project. -as a result, flexunit-tests.xml looks for unit tests in project.root/tests, instead of project.root/src. -the 'test-run' target of flexunit-tests.xml was split into four targets, which mapped onto what that targed used to do before. The exception is -test-run-execute-with-extra-lib, which only runs if the target was called from a project which needs to specify an additional libraries folder (different Squiggly sub-projects need this, because they depend on other sub-projects).

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FLEX-34625 If it's a container, we're dealing with Flex 3 classes; if not, it means flexunit is compiled to expect an AS-only project.

FLEX-34625 Asserts do work, but line numbers don't. So I added some messages to the asserts.

FLEX-34625 The asserts didn't help much. Hoping to get some traces instead.

FLEX-34625 Adding some asserts in order to debug the type of UIImpersonator.testDisplay, which seems to be different than when the test runs locally.

FLEX-34625 Correcting package name.

FLEX-34625 moved the unit test into the spark project, as seems to be the pattern we're using with the apache project.

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