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FLEX-18746 CAUSE: HierarchicalCollectionView.updateLength() was ignoring nodes without children, as it should. However, the function it called for the nodes with children, getChildren() unfortunately had a necessary side-effect (which is a poor design choice, to be sure), which was to add an event listener to the children collection. So the empty collections of nodes were not listened to, which meant that once the node was open any children that were added to that node were not counted towards the length of the collection. And one way this inconsistency surfaced was through the expandItem() fatal.

SOLUTION: The best - and most time-consuming - solution to this is to find a way to extract the side-effect of getChildren() into a separate function and call it when needed. However, for the moment I have opted to simply allow getChildren() to be called even for empty nodes, which in turn adds the event listeners.

NOTES: all unit tests now pass.

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Revert FLEX-34880 part 3

This reverts commit 2b09e327281211d26d65dd5d061b02d645cbdd39.

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Revert FLEX-34880 part 1 This reverts commit 0b5a634dabb00c04a492a08375e29c6885c1486f.

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FLEX-34880 Placed the other ISortField setters behind mx_internal and removed them from the interface.

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FLEX-34880 Placed only one state setter (SortField.compareFunction) behind mx_internal (thus also renaming it to SortField.compareFunction_) to provide the template for the others. Also removed it from the interface (ISortField).

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FLEX-35106 fixed June and July abbreviations for French locale

FLEX-31948 Removing the fatal by checking whether the column exists. Plus some minor code changes while reading code: simplifying if clauses, removing superfluous brackets, adding semicolons.

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FLEX-33058 Minor refactoring while reading codeȘ -simplified if statements -corrected asdocs -optimized imports -removed unused variables

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FLEX-34879 Replacing SortField setters with constructor arguments.

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FLEX-34838 Corrected some AsDocs, changed variable names from 'type' (reserved keyword) to other names, and removed unused variables.

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Fix MenuBar.styleChanged() crash bug

menuBarItems.length may be modified as a result of calling getMenuAt(), so we should not save the length value before entering a loop.

FLEX-34376 TreeItemRenderer null check. Accept patch from Joao Fernandes

FLEX-369 take gadding into account and always display at least one line of text even if it overlaps the buttons

FLEX-369 stop text flowing outside of Alert box

FLEX-34132 further improvements.

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FLEX-34084 Stop RTE from happening

FLEX-34051 fix for RTE

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Update default year to 2104

remove try and catch to improve performance

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changed private to protected

make catch block empty to improve performance

FLEX-33823 fixed parsing of month strings in stringToDate

FLEX-33741 stop propagation of escape key when drop down is shown

FLEX-33724 Stop RTE when setting locked columns to zero and horizontal scroll policy to off

FLEX-25369 stop RTE when sorting complex columns with null values

FLEX-33306 Fix issue with identical names for base class property and local variable - this caused the compiler to complain there was no 'pop' method on the base class property

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <>

FLEX-33726 Added support for dates with no separators such as YYYYMMDD or MMDDYYYY

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FLEX-33718 updated sdk code to remove "Warning: variable definition duplicates function parameter" in falcon compiler

FLEX-33702: Added column sort type access to the datagrid columns.

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FLEX-33682 Performance improvements to mx:AdvancedDataGrid and mx:DataGrid

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