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Update nightly build to 4.17.0

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missing headers

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Change CURRENT_VERSION to 4.16.1

More version updates

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Update version to 4.16.1

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FLEX-35321 CAUSE: if the object isn't on stage when we'd normally set its initialized flag to true, we correctly skip this step, but we also need to set its updateCompletePendingFlag back to false, so that in case it's added to stage again it can work correctly, and have its initialized flag set to true as expected. This second step was skipped in the previous commit. This could be noticed, for example, in DataGrid, which would not show the renderers which it initially used in GridViewLayout.updateTypicalCellSizes(). SOLUTION: set the updateCompletePendingFlag to false even if the object isn't on stage anymore. NOTES: also removed unused imports and an unused local variable.

FLEX-35321 CAUSE: If a component is removed from stage during a validation cycle, the LayoutManager nevertheless sets its initialized flag to true, even if it's not on stage anymore. That's because it doesn't check at the end whether the component is still on stage.

SOLUTION: Now the LayoutManager verifies that the component is still on stage before initializing it.

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FLEX-35321 Refined tests, including checking for how many validation steps happen for size, properties and display list. Without the fix all those expected to fail fail (the last one is not expected to fail without the fix, because it's there just to make sure no regression is introduced by the fix), while with the fix all of them pass.

FLEX-35321 test_object_removed_from_stage_via_user_action_is_not_initialized() needed one more frame to complete (made sure it fails without the proposed fix, and passes with it). Also made some variable and function renames, plus now we can also test how many times each validation function has been called.

FLEX-35321 LayoutManager.validateNow() doesn't use phased instantiation, so it wasn't the best idea to test it with that, at least the test where we fake a user request for the removal of the component in the next frame. Also added a test that tries to make sure that objects removed from stage and then readded are indeed validated and initialized.

FLEX-35321 Made the unit test more realistic (by having the user's action happen in the next frame), and prevented an error when tearDown() tries to remove a component which is no longer on stage.

FLEX-35321 Adding unit test (currently fails, as expected).

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Merge branch 'release4.16.0'

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FLEX-34880 Added an asdoc recommendation that developers use Sort and SortField as immutable objects, although the current API allows for mutability.

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Revert FLEX-34880 part 3

This reverts commit 2b09e327281211d26d65dd5d061b02d645cbdd39.

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Revert FLEX-34880 part 2

This reverts commit ff4067f56651082cecbe062f9cfd2aedbe44bf60.

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Revert FLEX-34880 part 1 This reverts commit 0b5a634dabb00c04a492a08375e29c6885c1486f.

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FLEX-34811 allow apostrophe in user name part of email address

FLEX-34880 Placed the other ISortField setters behind mx_internal and removed them from the interface.

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FLEX-34880 Omitted to change a unit test.

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FLEX-34880 Placed only one state setter (SortField.compareFunction) behind mx_internal (thus also renaming it to SortField.compareFunction_) to provide the template for the others. Also removed it from the interface (ISortField).

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fix as docs issue with mismatched tags

fix issues found by Falcon's resolver. Unlike MXMLC, Falcon will always choose the local variable even if it masks a static or instance method. MXMLC seems to resolve to the static or instance method

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FLEX-31948 Removing the fatal by checking whether the column exists. Plus some minor code changes while reading code: simplifying if clauses, removing superfluous brackets, adding semicolons.

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FLEX-35043 FLEX-34879 Avoiding the use of the deprecated setter. All tests still pass.

FLEX-35043 PROBLEM: The assumptions in SF_ORIG_list_events_tester.List_events_collectionKind_move made obvious another problem caused by FLEX-34885: calling itemUpdated(item) did not reposition the item according to the sorting rules (unless the Sort had a customCompareFunction).

CAUSE: FLEX-34885 assumed that the initial logic of checking for ! was to detect when entire objects were replaced with others in the collection. However, it was also detecting when the developer signalled that something (undefined) about an object had changed, and they wanted the sorting / filtering to be reapplied.

SOLUTION: now we call moveItemInView() also when is null and there are no oldValue or newValue specified in the CollectionEvent.


-also updated ListCollectionView_PropertyChangeEvent_Tests and added a new function for objects which are not bindable. As expected, there is a failure without this change to ListCollectionView, and with the change all unit tests pass.

-made explicit a conversion from Object into Boolean in a call to moveItemInView().

-reformated event instantiations to be on one line.

-made some minor changes to SF_ORIG_ListBasic.mxml, which is used by SF_ORIG_list_events_tester.

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FLEX-26808 Added unit tests to make sure that the selection (made either programmatically or through ctrl-clicking on the grid) is preserved when the user starts dragging the items. The tests pass locally.

-Also added VectorUtil.toArrayObject() to convert a Vector.<Object> to an Array (uses the same private function as VectorUtil.toArrayInt(), so I haven't added unit tests).

-Added a missing semicolon in

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FLEX-35042 correct minor issue in docs

FLEX-26808 Adding VectorUtil.toArrayInt() to convert a Vector to an Array (and a few unit tests for it). This is useful for the unit testing we're doing for this ticket.

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FLEX-26808 Added VectorUtil to manifest.