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Clean up the mess I made yesterday with PLAYERGLOBAL/PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME. It turns out that playerglobal.swc and airglobal.swc are magic strings in the compiler and swfs don't run if the swcs don't have these names. Since the playerglobal swc must be named playerglobal.swc we're back to PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME which should point to the directory which contains playerglobal.swc. Also fix build_framework.xml so it work with these changes.

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Rename PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME to PLAYERGLOBAL since _HOME implies a directory and this is the absolute path to playerglobal.swc and added unsigned RSLs to frameworks/rsls. The kits can be found at http://people.apache.org/~cframpton/ApacheFlexRC/ and the README can now be viewed at http://people.apache.org/~cframpton/ApacheFlexRC/README

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Changes for the release candidate. In particular FP and AIR are no longer downloaded as part of the build process. Environment variables are used to locate them. See the README.

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