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Spelling and logic improvements.

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fixed very minor issue with sample ADOBE_EXTENSION_MANAGER path

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Changed "0n" to "On" and "dependending" to "depending"

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Updated some comments in the env-template.properties and README file. Clarified some of the instructions to set the proper properties and to note that the CS5 Extension Manager is an optional component.

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Add ability to generate FlexComponentKit.MXP. It will only do so if you have installed the Adobe Extension Manager and set an environment variable ADOBE_EXTENSION_MANAGER to point to it. Most folks will not need it in daily building of stuff. Release managers will need it if we need to update the FlexComponentKit because some underlying dependency gets changed.

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Added more info on the PIXELBENDER_HOME var on Windows.

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Now that I've tested it on Windows, add in check-pixelbender-home target.

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Document the new PIXELBENDER_HOME environment variable. Remove the Pixel Bender binaries because they are now generated from source.

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Change the directory structure of what PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME points to so that -target-player works correctly again. PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME should contain the subdirectory 11.1 which contains playerglobal.swc. In other words, the path to playerglobal.swc should be ${PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME}/${playerglobal.version}/playerglobal.swc where playerglobal.version is currently defined in build.properties to be 11.1.

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Ran RAT (which BTW just became a top-level project with a new name) and found way too many files still without Apache copyright headers. This is the first batch.

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Remove extraneous 'i' at the start of line 22.

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Clean up the mess I made yesterday with PLAYERGLOBAL/PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME. It turns out that playerglobal.swc and airglobal.swc are magic strings in the compiler and swfs don't run if the swcs don't have these names. Since the playerglobal swc must be named playerglobal.swc we're back to PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME which should point to the directory which contains playerglobal.swc. Also fix build_framework.xml so it work with these changes.

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