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Merge branch 'FLEX-34837' into develop



FLEX-34854 Minor changes to imports, asdocs and removing an unused variable.

FLEX-34852 Alex H rightly pointed out that there can be objects with fields that contain "." in them. So I added a unit test to cater for this scenario, which changes the way this feature can be implemented.

FLEX-34852 FLEX-34853 Due to many bugs which link sorting a ListCollectionView and getItemIndex / removeAll throwing a fatal error (e.g. FLEX-22649, FLEX-34838, FLEX-4705), we're adding these methods at the end of each (applicable) test. NOTE that this way we opened FLEX-34853.

FLEX-34837 Added two more test functions to make sure that sorting with a custom compare function works well despite using a SortField with a complex field for its name. They do pass, indeed.

FLEX-34837 Making the code intention more explicit and removing an IntelliJ code analysis warning.

FLEX-34852 FLEX-34837 Making sure that flexunit tests are run for the framework project, in which ListCollectionView resides. Note that this will introduce some failing tests in the nightly build until this ticket is closed.

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FLEX-34852 Added another test class to test the basic functionality of sorting (using simple fields). That's because we have to make sure that we don't break existing functionality when adding the feature of sorting by complex fields. Currently all functions pass.

FLEX-34837 Added another test function to test the basic functionality of sorting by complex fields. (Note that because the feature isn't yet implemented, this also fails currently.)

Renamed VOs in the default package so as not to clash with future others that might have the same name.

FLEX-34837 Renamed VOs in the default package so as not to clash with future others that might have the same name.

FLEX-34850 forgot import.

FLEX-34850 Making the column sorting identical, whether or not the dataField is complex.

FLEX-32249 Now AdvancedDataGrid.makeListData() uses the HierarchicalCollectionViewCursor through its IHierarchicalCollectionViewCursor interface, so that other cursors can be used which don't extend HierarchicalCollectionViewCursor.

FLEX-34838 CAUSE: When there is a column sort applied, GridItemEditor.save() is fooling the grid dataProvider into thinking that it's correctly sorted when it's not: by setting dataProvider.sort = null, making the desired change, and then re-setting the sort, the currently-edited row stays in the same position, but the dataProvider now believes the selectedItem is in the correct position given the sort (I say that because ListCollectionView.getItemIndex() uses the sort when it's not null, but that only works if all the items are correctly sorted).


GridItemEditor doesn't do the sort ignoring trick anymore, which means that if needed, the currently selected row will jump to another location based on the sorting rule, and that getItemIndex() will work correclty. To compensate for the row potentially jumping to another location, Grid now scrolls to where the item has landed.

fix: Regression in fdb tool: commands using line number as the only argument fail, like: list 8 or break 8

FLEX-34751: Regression in fdb tool: VM is resumed if breakpoint can't be set

FLEX-34837 Added a unit test to reproduce the bug.

FLEX-34838 Corrected some AsDocs, changed variable names from 'type' (reserved keyword) to other names, and removed unused variables.

git test

FLEX-34824: Add WaitForCondition mustella script

Wait for an ActionScript condition to become true before

continuing to the next step.

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switch away from binding as Falcon now produces a valid warning on binding to a field of the data object. Really, you only need a dataChange handler since the value only changes when the data changes.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop

FLEX-33908 Leverage inEndEdit flag to prevent double events

Correcting typo.

FLEX-34564 Adding in forgotten fix for v 4.14.0

increase tolerance on this test. The TextDecoration gets rendered with some blendmode for some reason

Fix test for FLEX-34753

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

Update docs with FLEX-34753 fix info

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

Tests for FLEX-34753

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>