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Added with Polish language properties file to flex sdk

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Merge branch 'FLEX-34385' into develop

renamed SVN-TEST to GIT-TEST

testing commit

Cleaned up SpinnerListContainerSkin while working on DateSpinnerSkin Fixed ActionBarSkin (removed unnecessary bottom padding)

Added new component MobileBusyIndicator. It has only an Android 4.x specific skin for now. The current BusyIndicator's visual will be moved into an iOS 7 specific skin later.

FLEX-34285 fix issue with remove

FLEX-34378 count multiple separators as an invalid date format

StageTextInput and StageTextArea skins. Contributed by Aaron Nash. Details here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLEX-34395

FLEX-34385 documenting unusual try-catch behaviour after event dispatch.

Spelling and logic improvements.

Fix visual artifacts in Callout skin

Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/develop' into new_android_skins

correctly exclude zen theme

handle versionID for when two or more config entries have the same version. versionID is used to differentiate between the config entries

don't package zen theme. Try to not set build-number in flex-config in source package but only in binary package

fix noprompt flag

airsdk.xml not copied on Win. I don't see other files missing, but we are getting reports that there are. More testing needed

remove AIR Icon and link to it instead

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Updated to use FP14. Fixed minor formatting issues.

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Updated MD5 for FP 14.0

add broken asdoc examples

add installer-config to source package

switch air to 14

fix release notes based on feedback from rc1

fix readme based on feedback from rc1


add open-sans as subcomponent

remove old flex logo

remove a few files from asdoc