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FLEX-35122: Update to FontAwesome 4.7

Merge commit '0b5a634dabb00c04a492a08375e29c6885c1486f' into release4.16.0

FLEX-34880 Placed the other ISortField setters behind mx_internal and removed them from the interface.

FLEX-34880 Omitted to change a unit test.

FLEX-34880 Placed only one state setter (SortField.compareFunction) behind mx_internal (thus also renaming it to SortField.compareFunction_) to provide the template for the others. Also removed it from the interface (ISortField).

remove moved warning by changing path to https

remove moved warning by changing path to https

fix a couple of Java doc issues

fix as docs issue with mismatched tags

update release notes

FLEX-35123 Fix DOM XSS vulnerability for very old versions of Safari

    • -21
    • +2
FLEX-35165 Remove texen test directory due to incompatible license

Add initial release notes for 4.16

Add contributors for 4.16

Add new Flash Player versions.

Add more recent versions

Changed download path and hashes

Added new versions and changed download path from http to https

Add new Flash and AIR versions

Update version number

use flex download cache if downloads fail

FLEX-26808 Increased a test function's timeout and added a bit more information to see why another is failing.

FLEX-34088 Using addChild instead of addElement for FlexUnit to get the test to run.

FLEX-35126 Added a unit test to reprouce the bug. Currently it passes, as expected. (But if I manually put back the fix for FLEX-34088, it fails, as it should, meaning it actually tests the correct bug.)

FLEX-35126 Removing unused variables, making elligible functions static, correcting an asdoc typo, and removing superfluous multiplication by 1.

Fix typo

FLEX-34088 The fix for this bug became superfluous when the fix for FLEX-34078 was implemented, which also catered to this bug. So it can be safely removed (and should, because it causes other bugs - see the ticket).

FLEX-34088 Added unit test to reproduce the bug. Currently it passes, but I tested locally with some modifications to DropDownController and can certify it does indeed fail when it should - namely, when both the fix for FLEX-34088 and FLEX-34078 are removed. In other words, the fix for FLEX-34078 also fixes this issue, making the current fix superfluous. I'll remove it in the next commit.

Test commit

fix issues found by Falcon's resolver. Unlike MXMLC, Falcon will always choose the local variable even if it masks a static or instance method. MXMLC seems to resolve to the static or instance method