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add caching, checksums and timetamps to sdk install

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FLEX-34347: propagate breakpoint shouldn't throw an NPE when the location is not found

FLEX-34346: BP in mxml inline item renderer shouldn't be consider as Ambiguous

Merge branch 'FDBWorkers' into develop

FLEX-34343: Remove the fdbworkers directory before to merge to the develop branch

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/FDBWorkers' into FDBWorkers

FLEX-34342: Break and Clear command should accept paths

FLEX-34334: FDB should allow to set / removed breakpoint by default in all existed and new created instances of a worker

Reverted some unchanged files, the only diff was spaces.

FLEX-34334: FDB should allow to set / removed breakpoint by default in all existed and new created instances of a worker

sub pixel differences

sub pixel differences were cause random failures

Android 4.x skin for Callout

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Revert to previous version to stop mustella tests from failing. Work will continue in seperate branch.

Updated ASDocs for XMLListAdapter

FLEX-34333: print #<number> should be evaluated in the context of the current worker

FLEX-34332: info frame should return info in the context of the current worker.

FLEX-369 take gadding into account and always display at least one line of text even if it overlaps the buttons

FLEX-369 new baselines so test pass

FLEX-34295: info breakpoints should now display the worker ID

Fix: Prevent a NPE when BP has not been resolve yet

FLEX-34297: FDB set a breakpoint in the wrong file when asked to be set for a file existing in another Worker

Forgot to check that works from main worker too :P (fixed)

Updated XMLListAdapter to optimize remove functions.

Update to make XMLListAdapter pass tests after last commit.

XMLListCollection updates to make addItem() more efficient.

Merge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-sdk into develop

Update to XMLListCollection. Added docs to XMLListAdapter to better represent what is happening.

Revert "Fix for FLEX-34323."

This reverts commit 8d030e70396d3f57ce5f5bf4aa2255f093982604.

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FLEX-34131 allow resource fetch attempts in frame 1

Now XMLListCollection behaves closer to be expected -- does not update parent from updated XMLList. I guess it should be debated wether it should...

FLEX-34078 fix callouts closing when selecting dates in DateFields

FLEX-34193 fixed selectedColor to actually contain the selected colour