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Merge branch 'develop' into release4.16.0

FLEX-34880 Added an asdoc recommendation that developers use Sort and SortField as immutable objects, although the current API allows for mutability.

Merge branch 'develop' into release4.16.0

Revert FLEX-34880 part 3

This reverts commit 2b09e327281211d26d65dd5d061b02d645cbdd39.

Revert FLEX-34880 part 2

This reverts commit ff4067f56651082cecbe062f9cfd2aedbe44bf60.

Revert FLEX-34880 part 1 This reverts commit 0b5a634dabb00c04a492a08375e29c6885c1486f.

Merge branch 'release4.16.0' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-sdk into release4.16.0

Doesn't always like https link - may be mirror dependant?

update release notes

FLEX-34811 allow apostrophe in user name part of email address

update release notes

FLEX-34738 Fix BusyIndicator so the skin / timer is removed when it's removed from stage while still spinning.


FLEX-35122: Update to FontAwesome 4.7

Merge commit '0b5a634dabb00c04a492a08375e29c6885c1486f' into release4.16.0

FLEX-34880 Placed the other ISortField setters behind mx_internal and removed them from the interface.

FLEX-34880 Omitted to change a unit test.

FLEX-34880 Placed only one state setter (SortField.compareFunction) behind mx_internal (thus also renaming it to SortField.compareFunction_) to provide the template for the others. Also removed it from the interface (ISortField).

remove moved warning by changing path to https

remove moved warning by changing path to https

fix a couple of Java doc issues

fix as docs issue with mismatched tags

update release notes

FLEX-35123 Fix DOM XSS vulnerability for very old versions of Safari

    • -21
    • +2
FLEX-35165 Remove texen test directory due to incompatible license

Add initial release notes for 4.16

Add contributors for 4.16

Add new Flash Player versions.

Add more recent versions