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Test git push

correct spelling issue

added latest fix to release notes

FLEX-25071 Only need to loop through all times if array collection is filtered not sorted.

add waitforeffects for selection tweens to end

clean target needed to handle env.TLF_HOME

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Removed a couple of duplicate fixed

Clean up bug list by removing Falcon and installer issue (left maven ones in) reformatted a few lines to fit in 80 characters. Updated summary.

reformatted main sections to be 80 characters wide and added new bug fixes

Merge branch '480dpi' into develop

Clean also needed to pick up env.TLF_HOME

simplify sort and remove all test - note that it still not triggering the issue so something more is required

These scripts were not picking up env.TLF_HOME

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fix time zone offset sign

cleaned up setProperty/getProperty after last change

Fix TextLayout template in local-template.properties

Added sort and remove all test

removed duplicate variable

FLEX-24296 throw out of range error if passed negative index

FLEX-15903 added check for filter function to stop RTE fixed up comment spacing

Improved addAll and fixed issue with addItem when list is filtered

missing a ;

FLEX-16857 Fixed RTE when adding items after setting sort to null

add .gitignore for mustella generated files

Fix test script broken by delaying actual focus to TextInput

Changed current version to 4.10 from 4.9

Updates README and RELEASE_NOTES to include full bug list, grammar edits, version number updates and other textual updates to prepare for 4.10 release.

FLEX-23486 propsedSeletedItemIndexes[uid] is undefined otherwise

FLEX-14773 jumping to a list item on key press should use charCode not keyCode

Upconverted 320 dpi skins to 420 dpi

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