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adding my gpg sign in order to sign releases

-Xbootclasspath/p is no longer supported as of JDK9 and JDK12 is the latest version. Changed to /p to /a.

Update KEYS with new key piotrz

Add missing CDATA section in TabNavigatorSkin

Make restrictToMaskPattern and updatePrompt protected to allow overriding

FLEX-35375 CAUSE: DataGrids didn't dispatch a VALUE_COMMIT event when a new dataProvider cleared the selection, thus allowing the selectedItem, selectedIndex, selectedItems, selectedIndexes to become null without a notification. Which also means that if there was any binding set up for any of those variables, it won't be triggered. SOLUTION: we now dispatch a VALUE_COMMIT event when a new dataProvider ends up clearing the selection. NOTE: also added a unit test for this bug, which fails without the fix and passes with the above fix.

Ignore failure on copying flash flex kit as it doesn't exist on linux. May be a better way of doing this as it could hide other failures.

Merge commit 'd90867218312b97113ce7c50c5232f6e5ceee9be'

mobile theme docs are not compiling on Linux (probably old AIR version?)

no support for automation flash flex kit on linux

source clean was removing player libs on jenkins job

order matters when you compile the flash integration

setup does a clean which is removing the flash player downloads in the jenkins job

flash integration not supported on linux

testing if we can make a release build target without running the tests

Revert to flash player version 11.1

Update nightly build to 4.17.0

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Update apache rat in ApproveSDK script

Add information to use Extension Manager CS6 which fix problem with hang of Extension Manager CS5 on Windows 10

Update rat version in releasecandidate.xml file

missing headers

ignore saxon parts

add AwesomeUtils

Change CURRENT_VERSION to 4.16.1

More version updates

Update version to 4.16.1

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Update release notes to 4.16.1

FLEX-35364 - Run air-setup-mac on all non windows OS

FLEX-35364 - Fix issue where "air-setup-mac" target launched their dependents targets on windows before checking condition (it is default ant behavior) - Fix some merge issue

FLEX-35362 CAUSE: the DropDownController signals that the DropDownListBase is open immediately, even before the latter has actually made that change on stage. Since the opening takes one or two frames, it leaves a few milliseconds in which code which relies on that open/closed state erroneously assumes that it can use elements that should be on stage or initialized. In this case it's the layout property, which, due to the skin of the DropDownList, is only initialized once the drop down is actually open.

SOLUTION: we check whether the layout is not-null, and if it is, we select items in the list as if it were closed.


-also edited some comments, simplified Array instantiation, and removed an empty constructor.

-now the unit test will pass.