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Clear text data

Removed unnecessary as coersion

Added support for buttonDown (it only works for left button — is that right?)

Add missing dependencies in StorageExample's pom

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Add missing Apache header license

Cleaned up Text project dependencies

Remove unneeded modules from Text pom

Make Text and TLF module part of general build

Add pom for TLF module

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Add missing Apache License header ot TLFFactory

Add pom for Text module build

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Merge branch 'release0.8.0' into tlf

Merge branch 'develop' into tlf

# Conflicts:

# distribution/pom.xml

# distribution/src/main/assembly/component.xml

# examples/express/DataBindingExample/pom.xml

# examples/flexjs/DataBindingExampleWithFlexLayout/pom.xml

# frameworks/projects/Core/src/main/flex/org/apache/flex/core/SimpleCSSValuesImpl.as

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We need “as” here

Added callLater

Reverted removal of buttonDown added getter for textBlockStart (fixes a bug on line start/end selection) Changed getAtomIndexAtPoint() to local coordinates Added handling of more events in ContainerController

stop using buttonDown. Supposedly unreliable in browsers for mouseMove. Instead track buttonDown via mouseDown and mouseUp. Probably need to capture mouseup on other targets someday

remove buttonDown from JS. It is supposedly unreliable on JS. Folks will have to track mouseDown and mouseUp

replaceText should handle null

fix up replaceElements for Flash

implement containerRoot

prepare Maven build for next RC by changing 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT to 0.8.0

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Canvas renders fonts differently than span so have to use span to measure

Added a bead to simplify automatic update of list according to its data provider.

remove padding so selection shapes line up on JS

Removed as conversions

tune up textline so you can click and place the ibeam

- Fix typo in GoogleMaps and distribution pom

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- Fix typo in GoogleMaps and distribution pom

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