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FLEX-35328 - Update MDLExample with DataFieldProviderBead

FLEX-35328 - Change IDataFieldProviderModel to bead DataFieldProviderBead

FLEX-35328 - Update MDL DropDownList in MDLExample to usage of DataFieldProviderModel

FLEX-35328 - Introduce IDataFieldProviderModel - bead which provides to control with item renderers "dataField" for usage by these item renderers. You can find example of usage in MDL DropDownList where provided dataField is used by "value" property in HTML tag option

FLEX-35328 - Add to DropDownList ability to dynamic creation and fix problem with upgrading

Remove defer which causes problems with MDL element upgrade

FLEX-35328 - Initialize prompt with empty string to avoid displaying "undefined"

FLEX-35328 - Fix typo in mdl-manifest

DisableBead should not access the strand until it’s added

Percentage values should evaluate to NaN and not 0

FLEX-35328 - Update MDLExample DropDownList tab with prompt property when nothing is selected

FLEX-35328 - Add prompt property to MDL DropDownList - it displays text if nothing is selected

FLEX-35328 - Adjust MDLExample layout in DropDownList tab

FLEX-35328 - Add ability to programmatic selection in MDL DropDownList

FLEX-35328 - Make "change" event working for DropDownList

Fix build missed artifacts version

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FLEX-35328 - Use Select and Option in MDL DropDownList from HTML module

FLEX-35328 - Add "select" and "option" to HTML module

Fix build - missed artifacts version

FLEX-35328 - First version of DropDownList after redesign. DropDownList now use native HTML "select" with options and operates on it. - This basic desing displays DropDownList but there need to be tested several scenarios related to "change" event and model properties

example of custom cursor

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lookup other cursors in ValuesManager

add copy cursor. Other cursors can be added from flex-sdk/frameworks/projects/framework/assets. Rename the base class inside the file before committing

use different base class for FXG (requires 50f9d4530c669f1139b16129c45bca17c476fa3d from flex-falcon's tlf branch)

Fixed mouse BrowserEvent in Safari

Added Text and TLF to the framework builds

Use CSSUtils.toNumber()

Reverted equality checks

Forgot to reapply this

Better optimization for getItemIndex()