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FELIX-2123 Introduce new WebConsoleUtil.urlDecode method to hide the fact that some platforms do not provide the Java 1.4 URLDecoder.decode(String, String) method.

(Also change the ZIP compression for zipped configuration status download to "best speed"

which still gives good compression but is much faster)

FELIX-2129 - [Karaf] Possible hang with slave instances of Karaf when using Oracle JDBC lock.

Fixed duplicate/redundant .asc.asc sigs
add license header
Fix for npe found in FELIX-2159 missing ()'s
Patches for FELIX-2160 and FELIX-2161 - now manages project warnings internally vs in external job also added support for refreshing project and ensure that views are updated when editting in rich client or text editor
pass in monitor to allow user feedback
tidy up unused import
FELIX-2113: update to latest OBR snapshot
FELIX-2155: the maven bundle plugin generates wrong capabilities for packages with directives
FELIX-1531: Mandatory directive is ignored on the Export-Package when it comes to resolve the bundles
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FELIX-2151: Use Strings instead of URLs in the API
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fix for FELIX-2154 do not call dispose on shared image!

also fixed handling of project during edits related to change made in FELIX-2153

Workspace repository now filters exports that project doesn't actually contain in "compile time" resolution mode (FELIX-1502)
tidy up unused imports
Make sigil projects singletons within IDE to fix problems with inconsistent views (FELIX-2153)
Related fix for FELIX-2152
Override clone method to perform model specific actions (FELIX-2152) also some minor code refactoring to move all overridden methods to one block of code
Implement equals and hashCode methods
tidy up unused import
FELIX-2144: API changes:

- remove Resolver#getGlobalRequirements and Resolver#addGlobalRequirement(Requirement)

- add RepositoryAdmin#repository(Resource[]) to create an in memory repository

- remove Capability#getResource()

- remove Requirement#getResource()

- remove Resource#getRepository()

- move Repository#isLocal() to Resource#isLocal()

- new interface Reason (pair of Requirement / Resource)

- change Resolver to use Reason[] for resource selection explanation and unsatisfied requirements

Additional minor changes:

- discoverResources(String) nows throws an InvalidSyntaxException

- remove RepositoryAdmin#deploy(boolean) deprecated to #deploy(int)

- improve resolver by using List instead of arrays for holding reasons / unsatisfied reqs

- add missing ASF headers

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- Add missing license headers

- Exclude MIT licensed files because RAT doesn't recognize them

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[bundlerepository] use 1.0.2 version of the org.osgi.service.obr package
FELIX-2113: update to latest OBR snapshot
Check for "system bundle" vs null after change made in FELIX-2133
FELIX-2146 Use the configuration printer title to order the tabs and use the (optional) web console registration label to address the configuration printer for delayed load. Includes converting the threads and system properties printing into internal ConfigurationPrinter instances. Finally the deactivate is overwritten to cleanup the configuration printer service tracker.
FELIX-2145: Add a new feature for woodstox stax parser (and make the obr feature depend on it for correct speed)
FELIX-2113: update to latest OBR snapshot
tidy up org.cauldron namespace in schema doc
tidy up npe when system bundle does not have framework bundle set (FELIX-2143)