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Changeset 911065 is being indexed.

Change API for checking if packages are part of bundle - use package fragments vs roots to improve performance
Update internal values that use sets etc to use null objects or arrays to improve memory profile FELIX-2092
Open jar file with verify off to improve performance
Usage of VersionTable FELIX-2085
tidy up
Tidy up unused imports and implement hashCode algorithm
FELIX-2091 Properly handle cases when the ComponentActivatorTask checks whether a component task should be executed but the component has already been disposed off.
fixed qualifier oversite

FELIX-2089 "unset" the bundle context on stop for the LogWrapper to not cause an IllegalStateException when logging after the bundle has already stopped

FELIX-2086 Make sure the bare Web Console bundle has a different symbolic name.
only log an error if there is no implementation set AND creating an instance using a factory did not work
Use VersionTable to reduce memory foot print and Object creation (FELIX-2085)

FELIX-1988 Apply 6.vmstat.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks) with the following change: The WebConsoleUtil.getVariableResolver now presets the default resolver created with the appRoot and pluginRoot properties from the respective request attributes
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Update NOTICE file and include Sun license.

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FELIX-1988 Apply 5.main_template.patch by Valentin Valchev (thanks) with the following changes: (1) also externalize the footer as a template (for consistency), (2) create a readTemplateFile method to read the file, (3) return an empty string (instead of using null) of the file fails to be read
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FELIX-1988 fix GIF image media types and ensure i18n resource file is transmitted and provided in UTF-8 encoding (contains non-ISO-8859-1 characters)
FELIX-1988 Apply 4.webconsole_src_main_resources_res_lib.zip by Valentin Valchev (thanks) plus adding required NOTICEs and LICENSE files
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FELIX-2084: Make the display of exception stack traces available through a variable in the shell
Append ":" to directive names. (FELIX-2081)

Use karaf in the manual name to be more intuitive
FELIX-2082: Local resources should really be preferred over remote resources
FELIX-2081: Attribtues and directives and not used on local resources
Tested filter for null before using it.
Fixes for bundle adapters. Added missing methods to DAB.
Update notice file.
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix.eventadmin-1.2.0
Remove version info from export again; bnd seems to add it
Add version information to export
Applied patch to address some NPEs. (FELIX-1809)